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Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Delivery Guaranteed!

It's not too late to order your Halloween costume online with us and get delivery in time for Halloween. We are running a special on Guaranteed Halloween Delivery Shipping for only $5.99 for delivery to addresses within the Continental US.

This flat rate $5.99 great shipping deal runs through this weekend and will end Monday at 3pm EST - so get your costume online now at AnniesCostumes.com!

Did you get your costume already? This is the perfect opportunity to get some great costume accessories, makeup, or Halloween decorations to finish off your Halloween look!

We still have lots of popular costumes in stock and ready for immediate shipping!
Order this weekend and still have it delivered by Thursday, October 29th - just in time for all your Halloween festivities on Halloween weekend!

See www.AnniesCostumes.com/order.htm for details!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Official Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Now Available

As you might guess, Michael Jackson costumes are very popular this year. Everyone wants to pay tribute to the King of Pop this Halloween and don a costume in his likeness. AnnieCostumes.com is proud to carry the Official Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket for kids and adults wanting to pay tribute and wear a Michael Jackson costume for this Halloween.

We also have Official Michael Jackson silver sequin glove and leggings as well to complete your pop star look!

Michael Jackson Costume

Michael Jackson Adult Size Thriller Jacket

Child Size Michael Jackson Costume

Michael Jackson Child Size Thriller Jacket

Michael Jackson Glove and Leggings Official Costume

Official Michael Jackson Silver Glove and Leggings

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wolfman Returns to Theaters

The Wolfman returns to theaters and it looks like this movie will really be eating them up at the box office!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pets in Costume Pics from Parents.com

Check out some of these adorable photos of pets in costumes featured on Parents.com.
Tuxedo Dgo Costume
Frog Dog Costume

Superhero Dog Costumes

You can also enter your handmade costume into their DIY costume contest!

Best Jack - O - Lantern Ideas

Wild & Wacky Pumpkin Pictures and Ideas

Monster Pumpkin
Monster Pumpkin

Crazy Smile Pumpkin
Crazy Smile Pumpkin

Castle Carved in a Pumpkin
Castle Carved in a Pumpkin

The Death Star Pumpkin!
The Death Star Pumpkin!

Dragon - O - Lantern
Dragon - O - Lantern

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson


These are just a few of the great ideas for pumpkins and jack - o - lanterns. You can find more at the Sun Sentinel's Halloween Headquarters.

Scariest Movie of the Decade?

The suddenly super-buzzed-about horror flick 'Paranormal Activity' was made for a mere $11,000 over the course of seven days -- and is now being called "the scariest movie of the decade." The film follows a young couple (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) who, convinced they're being haunted by spirits, set up a video camera to monitor their bedroom over the course of 20 nights.

Will it repeat the success of 'Blair Witch'? It's too early to tell, but the cards are falling into place -- last night in L.A., for example, 4,500 people lined up to try to get into a special screening. And 'Paranormal Activity' beats out 'Blair Witch' in one vital field: It's scarier. While 'Blair Witch' may have scared people away from the woods for a few years (like 'Jaws' did the water two decades earlier), who's going to stay away from their own bedroom? Consider yourselves warned.

See more details and reviews.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Candyscope! What Does Your Halloween Candy Say About You?

The Sun Sentinel, here in South Florida, ran a really cute article all about "What Your Halloween Candy Says About Your Personality".

Let the CandyScope begin:

So say hello to our sugar-induced candyscope, and don't overindulge in the coming days.M&Ms: If you go for double Ms, you tend to separate your socks by color and have abnormally clean hands.

Snickers: Sign of indecisiveness. Do you want chocolate? Do you want nuts? You don't know. Or do you?

Candy corn: Frustrated farmer. You are a sweet soul who loves to grow sweet peas and make maple syrup.

Nestle's Crunch: You have a well-rounded personality but can be a little snappy.

Kit-Kat bars: You love to build sand castles on the beach, grow herbs and claw up the couch.

Jolly Ranchers: You have a daring side and love adventure. You're also fond of parrots and eye patches.

Butterfinger: You're kind and considerate, but we wouldn't trust you to carry the family china.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: You have hidden talents and are a deep thinker. You like to do things in pairs.

Gummy bears: Sweet, cuddly and loving, but people often find you sticking to the ceiling, which makes you an inappropriate guest for parties that include a pinata.

Sour Patch: You're bitter and abrasive and good at making people cry.

Hershey: You are loved by most people and live a simple, plain and unassuming life.

Junior Mints: You have a refreshing and zippy personality, but you suffer from an inferiority complex.

Friday, October 02, 2009

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October! Time to Get Ready for Halloween!

Happy October! This year is going to be a great, Saturday night Halloween, with lots of parties on Friday and Sunday as well, so get ready and gear up! Stay tuned to the Extreme Halloween Blog for more details on how to plan for your best Halloween ever!