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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Adult Size Clark Kent/ Superman Transformation Costume

Superman Returns Clark Kent Costume Finally Men Can Wear a Superman Costume without fearing the blue tights!
Do you love the idea of dressing up as Superman for Halloween but hate the idea of parading around in blue tights? Here is your solution! This fun Clark Kent transformation costume with a Superman muscle chest underneath Clark's business suit. This costume is great for Halloween parties or even trick or treating with the kids. This costume includes: navy suit jacket with attached shirt front & tie, shirt front opens to reveal the Superman muscle chest with special latex molded S logo. Costume also includes Clark Kent glasses. Available in Standard (fits up to jacket size 44) and XLarge (fits up to jacket size 46). This is an officially licensed Superman Returns movie costume and is a replica of the one worn in this summer's blockbuster movie by Brandon Routh.

Is it a bird? a plane? No, It is a Clark Kent/ Superman Costume for Kids!

Clark Kent Superman Returns Costume
Watch Clark Kent Transform into Superman right before your eyes!

This innovative and fun idea in costuming has finally arrived at www.anniescostumes.com. The official and licensed Clark Kent Costume is available in child sizes: Small (size 4-6), Medium (size 8-10), and Large (size 12-14). Imagine how much fun it is for kids to emulate this classic comic book transformation from Clark Kent to Superman! The costume ensemble includes: navy suit jacket with attached shirt front & tie, shirt front opens to reveal the Superman muscle chest with special latex molded "S" logo; and also includes Clark Kent glasses. A note about the molded latex "S" logo: it has very limited availability. This version of the costume is not what you would typically find in a mass merchant store near you! The Supeman Muscle Chest part of the costume is in the darker coloring style of the latest summer blockbuster movie: Superman Returns. The costume is a replica of the one worn by Brandon Routh in the movie. This costume will no doubt be one of the most popular characters this Halloween.

Extreme Halloween Re-Opens Today After Tropical Storm Ernesto Passes

Lucky for us, Tropical Storm Ernesto turned out not to be a powerful storm and did not cause much damage at all in South Florida. Our shipping times were only slightly delayed by one day. Second day and Third day orders from Monday night and Tuesday were increased to next day and second day respectively; and at our own expense. Customers who chose next day were contacted about a the delay in delivery time. All express packages were picked up today by FedEx and are now on their way to their destinations. Ground shipments are still expected to make it in the 3 to 8 business day time frame. Intenational shipments as well as APO and FPO shipments were also taken to the Post Office today for shipping. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any delivery issues or delays.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Extreme Halloween Closed Today for Tropical Storm Ernesto

Tropical Storm Ernesto
Extreme Halloween, Inc.'s offices in Dania Beach, FL closed early today so that staff and family could prepare for Tropical Storm Ernesto, which is headed our way. We plan to re-open tomorrow, Wednesday, August 30th at 2pm EST as soon as the storm has cleared the area. At that time, weather and conditions permitting, we will resume our shipping and customer service operations. Some express packages might be delayed by one day, but we do not expect any major problems like we had with Hurricane Wilma last year. She hit one week before Halloween and caused major damage to our roof, power outages & tore up our phone lines.

This year will be different! We should not see that kind of damage with tropical storm force winds this time. I will keep you posted as we have wireless connections and satellite backup connections in place this year. Even if there is damage, our customers will not suffer, we will be up and running with our back up plan and customers will get their packages in a timely fashion.

Extreme Halloween, Inc. is located in Dania Beach, which is in Broward County, FL in between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Click here to see our local Doppler radar activity!

Early Halloween Survey Results: Captain Jack Sparrow Costume Top Pick!

Child Size Captain Jack Sparrow Costume Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Early results from the ExtremeHalloween.com Scarrry Halloween Survey shows the Captain Jack Sparrow costume leading in all its categories: boys, men & teens.

Get ready for some Pirates with that suave attitude this Halloween! The Official Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween costume is based on this summer's blockbuster movie Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. Early results of our Scary Halloween Survey show that the replica costume of movie's charismatic pirate will be very popular this year. Speaking of charismatic, leading man Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack in the 2nd installment of this pirate movie trilogy. The costume we carry in sizes for men, boys and teens is a replica of the costume worn by Depp in the film.

Cute & Sexy Women's Costume Just Arrived

Lucious Lady Bug Costume Queen Bee Costume These two new costumes just "flew" in and are brand new for Halloween 2006. The Lucious Lady Bug Costume and the Queen Bee Costume are both sure to be "the buzz" this Halloween. These costumes are adorable, innovative, unique and sexy all at the same time.

Lucious Lady Bug Costume comes complete. It includes: Black foam vinyl corset lace-up top, red & black polka dotted skirt, panties, choker, red & black polka dotted arm glovelets with vinyl trim, red & black polka dotted thigh high stockings w/ vinyl trim, red & black polka dotted wings, and antennae headband. Available in Small/Medium (Dress Size 2-4) and Medium/Large (Dress Size 4-6). Sells for $39.95.

Queen Bee Costume also comes complete. It includes: Black & Yellow foam vinyl & corset top, vinyl choker, black & yellow wings, black & yellow arm sleevelets w/ vinyl trim, black tulle skirt w/ yellow trim, black panties with attached stinger, black & yellow thigh high stockings w/ vinyl trim, and antennae headband. Available in Small/Medium (Dress Size 2-4) and Medium/Large (Dress Size 6-8). Sells for $39.95

The only extra add on is the wig for each costume and they will be in stock soon!

Forget the princess and pumpkin - trendy parents prefer unique baby Halloween costumes

Baby Lobster CostumeScarecrow costumes for babies, pea in the pod costumes and baby lobster are top picks for this year!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) August 29, 2006 - They may not be able to trick or treat yet, but your little ones are sure to look sweet in Unique Baby Halloween Costumes.

Rather than one more Yoda or Cinderella running around, moms and dads are looking for unique baby costumes so their little ones don't look like every other baby at the party.
Shari McConahay, Vice President of Marketing for leading Halloween Costume website www.AnniesCostumes.com, said their variety of unique baby Halloween costumes are appealing to many parents.

"I was just speaking with a customer who said that our unique selection was important to her because one year her son was a care bear and none of the parents at a party could tell who their child was," she said "There were so may care bears, they had to identify their kids by their shoes."
So, forget the old classic pumpkin or princess costume for your baby this year, and instead try these ideas to stand out this Halloween:

The Baby Lobster: Look good enough to eat in this bunting costume that includes stuffed claws, tail and tentacles. http://anniescostumes.com/walkeranimal.htm

Pea in the Pod: Your baby is sure to stand out in the "crop" with this adorable Halloween costume. This costume is available in standard and deluxe models in bunting size for newborn.
The deluxe version has removable foam peas: http://anniescostumes.com/newbornchar.htm

Rock a Bye Baby: Any Rock & Roll star would be proud of any baby wearing this unique baby Halloween costume that includes a hat with attached hair, bunting with attached feet and stuffed arms with guitar. Bunting has hidden sleeve openings for baby's real hands, and has an easy open Velcro bottom. http://anniescostumes.com/newbornchar.htm

Scarecrow costume for baby: Dorothy, Toto and the Tin Man won't be far behind this baby with smarts. Costume includes top, pants, rope belt and hat. http://anniescostumes.com/walkermas.htm

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

3 in 1 Girls' Dress Up Costumes

3 Costumes for 1 Price!Here we have 3 costumes for the price of 1! This costume ensemble includes a Devil Costume, a Spanish Dancer Costume and a Mouse Costume - all for just one price. This solves some major Halloween dilemas! More than one Halloween event to attend? No problem! It's a girls' perogative to change her mind and now she can without having to run out and buy a new costume. These 3 in 1 costumes are also great for playing dress up all year long. See www.anniescostumes.com for 3 in 1: Fairy, Princess & Zarina Costume as well as 3 in 1: Devil, Blue Witch & Orange Witch! Each 3 in 1 costume package sells for $49.95. For more detailed information about AnniesCostumes' 3 in 1 costumes for halloween, visit www.anniescostumes.com/3in1halloweencostumes.htm

3 in 1 Dress Up Costumes for Boys!

Dress Up Costumes for BoysIt's a Cowboy Costume, an Indian Costume and Robin Hood too! 3 in 1 Dress up costumes are here! This is a fabulous new concept in costumes. Maybe your child has multiple Halloween events to attend or maybe he just loves to play dress up all year long. www.AnniesCostumes.com has a solution for you: 3 in 1 costumes. Browse our new costume selection today!
Just arrived: Ninja, Bandit & Cat 3 in 1 costume
and Devil, Pirate & Vampire 3 in 1 costume.
Each costume package sells for $49.95. For more detailed information about AnniesCostumes' 3 in 1 costumes for halloween, visit www.anniescostumes.com/3in1halloweencostumes.htm

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Princess Cinderella Costume for Girls

Princess Cinderella Costume This beautiful new addition to our inventory is called the Princess Cinderella Costume. Cinderella is always a popular costume at Halloween time as well as all year for dress up. Girls love to play princess and dress up in glamorous costume dresses like this one all year! This costume is available in a toddler size, which is clothing size 2T - 4T. The costume includes everything your little princess needs to remain the center of attention: blue princess satin dress with maribou trim collar, white glovelettes, blue ribbon choker, and tiara. This gorgeous ensemble is a bargain at $26.95! Be sure to check out all the girl's costumes, which are available in different colors and a variety of sizes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Announcing Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop!

Wizard's Apprentice Magic Cups & Balls Magic TrickCard Magic
Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop Announcing a new web site for Magic Tricks and Magician's supplies: Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop. Bookmark http://www.wizardsapprentice.com/ as your new online source for magic tricks of all kinds and magician's supplies. The Wizard (a.k.a. Jack Maxwell) Is Now In! He can help you learn magic and impress your friends. Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop carries magic supplies for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. Visit the library and you will see the vast array of books and DVDs available to help you in quest for magic knowledge. Whether you want card tricks, coin tricks, bar tricks or full stage illusions, Wizard's Apprentice Magic is your online solution. Check it out today and you, too will be amazed!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Sports Fan MakeupAs usual, when August approaches, I am really feeling some football withdrawal. So, I am super psyched when the NFL pre-season starts and football is back in my life again and back on the Hi Def TV too! Why not celebrate the return of football season in style with Sports Fan Makeup in your teams colors? There is nothing like a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at the stadium all painted up and showing your team spirit.
- Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tattoo Cover Makeup

Tattoo Cover All WheelBen Nye Final SealOne of our most popular selling items year 'round is our tattoo cover makeup. With the proper application, this stuff really does temporarily vanish your tattoos! We carry 3 different brands of tattoo cover up: Ben Nye Concealers & Tattoo Cover, Mehron's Tattoo Cover and Bloody Mary's Tattoo Cover Kits. You can choose any brand, each one is high quality, highly pigmented (means a little goes a long way), and hypoallergenic. Each of these makeup companies make the tattoo covers in different shades that can be blended to match any skin color. Make sure to finish your application with powder to set the makeup, prevent it from smudging and take away any shine. To make your tattoo cover up even more smudge proof,water proof & sweat proof, use a makeup sealer like Ben Nye's Final Seal or Mehron's Barrier Spray. This tattoo cover makeup is perfect even for the most important occasions like weddings or meeting the in-laws!

Hungry for Some Costumes?

m&m Baby Costume Hot Dog CostumeHersey Kiss Costume We have all kinds of food item costumes for any palette! These baby m&m costumes are so cute, I'm sure you'll want to eat them up!The Hershey Kiss costumes come in child and adult sizes so everyone can emulate their favorite Halloween candy. Hot dog costumes are coming soon adn sure to be one of the most popular costumes on the menu this Halloween. I'm sure you all want fries with that! This gives a new meaning to playing with your food. Have fun dressing up in costume this Halloween.

McDonald's French Fries Costumes

Monday, August 07, 2006

How Sexy Can You Get This Halloween?

Sexy Barista Babe Costume Pretty Plumber CostumeChristy Cream CostumeEach year it seems like a competition of who can have the sexiest Halloween Costume. Well, this year some of the top contenders will be national chain employee look-a-likes with sexier version of the employee uniforms of many of your neighborhood stores & local professions. These costumes come with cute little accessories that further accentuate the pun. Christy Creams Costume comes with a doughnut box labeled "Cream Filled". The sexy Barista Babe Costume includes a cup that says " Thanks a Latte" and her apron reads, "Caution: Contents Hot!" The Pretty Plumber Costume comes with her tool belt and is adjustable to show a little optional "plumber's crack". Other favorite sexy costume categories this year are sexy super hero costumes and Wizard Wanda Costume. You can browse our entire list of sexy costumes. There are so many to choose from and many more coming in as Halloween approaches.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Girls Can Be Pirates Too!

High Seas Buccaneer Girl Infant Toddler CostumeScar-Let Pirate Girl CostumeShip Wrecked Pirate CostumeIn the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", Kiera Knightly dresses as a pirate. This will, no doubt, add to the popularity of our pirate costumes for women and girls. This year's latest styles of sexy pirate costumes for women will make anyone forget about that old image of the silly red and white striped "thing" that would hang down and have no shape. This year ladies can choose from: Lacey Pirate, Ruby, the Pirate Beauty, Renaissance Pirate, Seven Seas Pirate Wench, Sexy Pirate, & Mutiny, just to name a few. And the latest selections of pirate girl costumes are definitely sassy and fashion conscious. Some of our most popular girls pirate costumes are: Hip Punk Pirate, High Seas Hottie, Scar-Let Pirate, Ship Wrecked & the High Seas Buccaneer Girl. At AnniesCostumes.com the pirate costumes come in all sizes including costumes for baby, toddlers, boys, girls, teens, men, women, plus size and we even have pet pirate costumes for the pirate's best mate: Dog Pirate Costumes & Cat Pirate Costumes!Lacey Pirate CostumeRuby the Pirate Beauty CostumeHip Punk Pirate Teen Costume