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Monday, August 07, 2006

How Sexy Can You Get This Halloween?

Sexy Barista Babe Costume Pretty Plumber CostumeChristy Cream CostumeEach year it seems like a competition of who can have the sexiest Halloween Costume. Well, this year some of the top contenders will be national chain employee look-a-likes with sexier version of the employee uniforms of many of your neighborhood stores & local professions. These costumes come with cute little accessories that further accentuate the pun. Christy Creams Costume comes with a doughnut box labeled "Cream Filled". The sexy Barista Babe Costume includes a cup that says " Thanks a Latte" and her apron reads, "Caution: Contents Hot!" The Pretty Plumber Costume comes with her tool belt and is adjustable to show a little optional "plumber's crack". Other favorite sexy costume categories this year are sexy super hero costumes and Wizard Wanda Costume. You can browse our entire list of sexy costumes. There are so many to choose from and many more coming in as Halloween approaches.

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