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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Its 14 Days 'Til Valentine's Day! Do You Know Where or What Your Present Is?

Here's a great idea for a Valentine's Day present:

Something that both of you can enjoy. . .

A Cupid Cutie Costume!

We have a number of different costumes available that fit the Valentine's Day theme! Check out al the Valentine's Day costumes available at AnniesCostumes.com!

Check out Cheryl & Co for some fresh baked Valentine gifts!

Cheryl & Co.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birth Mark Cover Up - As Seen on the Rachael Ray Show!

I am a huge fan of Rachael Ray and I actually DVR her day time talk show every day and watch it whenever I can. She cheers me up and always has such great guests and information. I was catching up on an episode from two weeks ago, which featured a recurring segment she has called "I Can't Stand My. . . " This episode, it was "I Can't Stand My Legs". One of her viewers has a wine colored birth mark on the back of her calf, and it has bothered her all her life and prevented her from wearing shorts and dresses. Rachael's buddy and cosmetics genius, Greta covered the birth mark with DermaBlend makeup, which completely covered the birthmark. Watch the video!

We here through our makeup site, StageandTheaterMakeup.com sell a very similar product: Kryolan Derma Color makeup. It is a fabulous product, covers birthmarks, covers tattoos, covers veins, covers blemishes and covers skin flaws of any kind.

Kryolan Derma Color has been around for years, its hypoallergenic and finally a solution for any skin flaws. Dermacolor will give your skin a flawless, beautiful, and vibrant appearance. This covers up anything and cannot be seen in person, up close or on TV and stage. Its very easy to apply with a sponge or your fingers and we recommend the setting powder to blend over shiny-ness and make the product smudge proof.

Megan Fox: The New Wonder Woman?

There has been so much speculation over who will don the Wonder Woman costume in the new Wonder Woman movie. This movie has been so long in the "works" some of the initial front runners are already likely too old to play the role and some new Hollywood talent has emerged. The photo-shop genius over at Wonder-Who.com came up with this amazing Wonder Woman poster with Megan Fox as IMO the perfect Wonder Woman! You can also see a step by step slide show of how they did it!

In the mean time, we all wait with bated breath for the real details. Hopefully they actually consult these guys for the costume design, because that is hot!

Hurry Up, DC! We are not all immortal you know, we can't really wait forever!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GI Joe: New Movie, New Costumes!

The new GI Joe movie has been long awaited by so many. It is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of 2009. While the only official GI Joe movie trailer out thus far does not have any actual scenes, it still is pretty exciting. Get to know who's who, the actors and the GI Joe characters:

If you were anticipating green army fatigues and non- anatomically correct action figures, you've got another thing coming! The costumes - errr, hmm hmm - uniforms in this film are slick, sexy and sure to be coveted this Halloween!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Win A Date With Wolverine!

Spice up this Valentine's Day by bidding on the chance to win a date with the X-man himself, Hugh Jackman. 

Hugh Jackman is offering a chance for one winner and a friend to join him for a meal on the set of his new movie.  The auction is to benefit the New York Restoration Project in an effort to restore New York City's parks, community gardens and open spaces. 

The auction is open until February 12th and the bids start at $5,000 on CharityBuzz.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Celebrating Hope and Freedom with a FREE Shipping Sale - This Week Only!

Picture from www.captainobama.com.
Home of the Captain Obama Superhero Toy!

We are celebrating and supporting our new president, Barack Obama!

The family here at Extreme Halloween support our country's new president and look forward with optimism. Help us celebrate hope, the future, and the freedom in America with our FREE Ground Shipping sale this week! This is a blog special and for this week only! Use coupon code FREEDOM during your online checkout to receive ground shipping for FREE. Minimum order to use the coupon is only $30.00 and this will expire next Tuesday, January 27, 2008.

The new year has also rung in at Extreme Halloween with new, low, LOW costume prices at AnniesCostumes.com. We are having a blowout after Christmas sale at www.SantaSuits.com.

Not ready for Halloween yet? That's ok, we are here for you for all holidays and seasons in between!

Upcoming costume holidays and events:

Valentine's Day is February 14th and why not dress up in something real sweet for the holiday?

Mardi Gras is Feb 24, 2009! MardiGrasCostumes.com features costumes, beads, masks and novelty items!

Purim is March 10, 2009!Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated by dressing in costumes.

St. Patrick's Day is another hot holiday for us, promote costumes, beads, hats, and more! St. Patrick's Day is March 17, 2009!

EasterBunnyCostumes.com features over 30 bunny mascots. Easter is April 12, 2009!

Also look out for a Renaissance Fair near you and be prepared to attend in full Renaissance garb!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Now Playing: My Bloody Valentine 3-D

This Valentine's Day, take your sweetie to see My Bloody 
Valentine 3-D! 

While you're in the V-Day mood, browse our selection of 
February 14th is just around the corner, celebrate in style 
with Annie's Costumes!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's Going to be Hot for Halloween 2009?

I know, its January, but this is the time of the year that costume retailers like us must make our ordering decision for 2009. Good thing that the manufacturers help us out with our decisions since they are in contact with the licensors who make the movies and tv shows that make so many costumes popular every Halloween.

You can also help us, take the survey at the top right of the blog and let us know what your most anticipated costume is for Halloween 2009. Or please leave your suggestions in our comments area.

Here is a cute video of the opening dance act of the costume fashion show that Rubies Costume Company put on for us. It may be early for Halloween, but its never the wrong time for dancing in sexy costumes, right?

Feeling Groovy?
Check out the newest designs in 60's retro costumes and leisure suits for men! This is a great couples idea, or a group costume idea for Halloween 2009! Start planning now and you will be ahead of the game for stress free Halloween shopping!

Stay tuned for details on what's hot for this Halloween!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Enter the Santa of the Year Photo Contest!

Now is the time everyone goes through all the photos they took during the holidays, so make sure to get your best Santa photos and enter them in the SantaSuits.com Santa of the Year Contest! You can enter multiple photos and prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

Santa of the Year
(Grand Prize: $500 Extreme Halloween Network Gift Certificate)
Most Original Santa ($50 Extreme Halloween Network Gift Certificate)
Funniest Santa ($50 Extreme Halloween Network Gift Certificate)
Jr. Santa For ages newborn to 17 years old. ($50 Extreme Halloween Network Gift Certificate issued to Parent or Guardian)
Pet Santa ($50 Extreme Halloween Network Gift Certificate)

See last year's winners!

Hurry, last day for entries is Janurary 10, 2009. Winner will be announced on January 15th!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year Savings on the Extreme Halloween Network!

Happy New Year from the Extreme Halloween Family!

We are ringing in the new year with lots of savings!

Our After Halloween sale is still on with costumes up to 70% off!
See www.AnniesCostumes.com for details and links!

Our After Christmas Sale on SantaSuits.com is now up to 50% off.
See www.SantaSuits.com for details and links!

Start out the New Year with The Force on your side!
Discounted prices on all Star Wars costumes at AnniesCostumes.com

Friday, January 02, 2009

Is it Halloween Yet?

There are only 301 days left until next Halloween!

Get the best deals on your costume for next year by ordering now. Annie's Costumes is offering complete child costumes for under $25 and complete adult costumes for under $35