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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa's March for Record - 14,000

Fernando Veludo, AFP / Getty Images
More than 14,000 people dressed as Santa Claus marched in the annual Santa Claus parade in Porto, Portugal, Dec. 14. The group aimed to break a Guinness World Record with the feat, and to raise money for charity. The crowd was singing and dancing from the afternoon until well after dark. Although the weather was against them (cold and drizziling) 14,200 showed up to march out of 17,400, everyone involved donating 1 euro to needy children. According to the Guinness World Records web site (http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com), the previous world record for the largest gathering of Santas was set last year in Derry City, Northern Ireland, where a total of 12,965 people took part dressed up as Santa or Santa's helpers.
Having your own santa march or pub crawl? Check us out www.santasuits.com buy 10 santa suits get the 11th free!!!

Festive NY Giants Fan Kicked Out of Game

Sondra Fortunato, the New York Giants' most iconic fan, was kicked out of the Giants' December 7th game versus Philadelphia. She was asked to leave because she brought signs and a bag to the game. 

However, her skimpy wardrobe may also have played a role in her ejection from the game.  She showed up in a santa costume, complete with fishnet stockings, a bathing suit bottom and high heeled boots! 

Whether Sondra was asked to leave the game because of her costume choice or what she brought to the game, out-do her this Christmas with your own Sexy Santa Costume from Annie's Costumes.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Dr. Acula Dies at 92

Forrest J. Ackerman, writer-editor who coined the term "Sci-Fi," died Saturday at age 92.

He began his career by editing the first movie monster magazine: Famous Monsters of Filmland, referring to himself as "Dr. Acula." Ackerman also created and wrote the stories of Vampirella and Jeanie of Questar. 

Above all, Ackerman loved collecting horror memorabilia. He collected some 300,000 items in his lifetime, including books, movie stills, posters, props and masks from Sci-Fi, horror and fantasy films.

In 1954, Ackerman coined the term "Sci-Fi" after hearing "hi-fi" mentioned on the radio. 

A documentary of Ackerman's life, made by Forrest's friend, John Sasser, is underway.

New iPhone Application for Comic Book Enthusiasts

ComiXology is now avaliable for download on the iPhone and iPod Touch for $3.99.

ComiXology is a website featuring information about the comic book market, including new releases, social networking, weekly columns and user ratings. 

The ComiXology app extends this information to iPhone and iPod Touch users via a different interface. The app allows you to browse all comics, review descriptions and covers of recent publications, read articles and subscribe to a weekly podcast on your phone or iPod.

Hugh Jackman Wears His Movie Costumes for Sex!

WOW! What a headline! I came across this article this week and not sure if it falls under TMI or HOT!

Evidently, Hugh Jackman's wife likes for him to bring a little piece of his work home with him!

Excerpt from the article:

The 'Australia' actor - who has two adopted children with wife Deborra-Lee Furness - often keeps his outfits from films including 'X-Men', when he played sexy mutant Wolverine

, to impress in the bedroom .

Hugh - who has been named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine - said: "It's easy with my wife. She loves the idea of me coming home in costume because it makes her feel like she's having an affair in a good way.

"When we met, I was cast as a prisoner with tattoos and she'd say, 'Don't take your tattoos off tonight!' and I'd be like, 'All right!' But what works best with her is the stockbroker look."

Looks like Hugh Jackman will have a new Wolverine costume to take home and play with soon. X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiers May 1, 2009 and will be the start of a costume filled summer at the movies, with Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to follow, just to name a few!

Holiday Sale at SantaSuits.com

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Is Santa Wearing His Suit?

What would Christmas be with without Santa in his Suit? We have stocked up on Santa Claus' clothing and everything you will need for the ideal Santa costume. From coats, pants hats, gloves and more there is an entire website filled with everything to help Santa get dressed this Holiday season.

We also helps those who are attending themed holiday events with selecting the perfect outfits. Everything from naughty to nice costumes, including Mrs. Claus, elves and reindeer.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Free Santa Suit Offer
Have a group Santa event? If you are having an event and need multiple Santa Suits for a great price, we have the deal for you!
Running of the Santas?
Santa Pub Crawl?

We are running a special on our 6 PC Ply- Flannel Santa Suit - Standard Size. It sells for $32.95 and for a limited time, buy 10 Santa Suits and get the 11th Santa Suit Free!

The 6 PC Ply-Flannel Santa Suit includes: Red pullover jacket w/ white fur trim, red pants w/ pockets, boot covers w/ white fur trim on top, black belt w/ 2x4" buckle, red hat w/ white fur trim and gloves.

That is 11 complete Santa Suit costumes for just $329.50!

See http://www.SantaSuits.com/santas.htm for details!

And if this particular Santa Suit does not fit your needs, we have over 50 Santa Suits to choose from! Also see our Santa Suit Description Guide for help in selecting the right Santa Suit for your needs and budget!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Gifts for Children who like to Dress Up

Thinking of the perfect gift for a child with all the imagination in the world? Do you know a kid who is always "playing pretend" and dressing up in characters' clothes?

Annie's Costumes has the perfect gift for children who like to dress up. Tons of our popular Halloween costumes are already at discounted prices and we have an entire page dedicated to little one's dress up gear.

Browse our selection of baby, toddler, child and teen costumes including animals, Disney characters, popular movie characters, superheroes and more.

Twilight: Breaking all Kinds of Vampire Rules

Twilight is the first motion picture installment of Stephanie Meyer's vampire series.

The strange thing is, these vampires don't have fangs. In fact, not a single fang is shown in the entire movie.

Even stranger is the fact that the vampires in the movie have a giant cross in their house.

With all that, it doesn't even seem wrong that these vampires can go outside during the day - Stephanie Meyer has effectively redefined what it means to be a vampire.

Check out the Trailer:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Extreme Halloween

The Extreme Halloween family is thankful to our customers for their support, we thank our staff for all their help and we are most thankful for having a family that can work together!

From the Extreme Halloween Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween Costumes in Movies Quiz

See if you can remember who wore Halloween costumes in which movies in this Halloween costume movie quiz from AMC.

The quiz asks about the Halloween costumes worn in Donnie Darko, E.T., The Addams Family and other popular movies. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dress Up Thanksgiving in a Different Way

"Its More fun in Costume" and that goes for Thanksgiving too. Add a little holiday magic to your Thanksgiving feast and dress up in costume! AnniesCostumes.com is featuring great dress up ideas for Thanksgiving:

Pilgrim Costumes

Native American Indian Costumes

Colonial and Early American Costumes

And, of course, the star of the show, the Turkey Costume!

Costumes are available in all different sizes for the whole family! Whether you want the period costumes to re-create the first Thanksgiving or just to be a little festive, Annies Costumes has what you need!

Fast shipping and quick service guaranteed so that you can get your costumes in time for Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day Costumes

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Star Trek New Movie Trailer

May 2009, the final frontier will be explored anew!

I expect nothing but greatness from JJ Abrams re-mastering of a masterpiece!

AnniesCostumes.com still has some older version Star Trek costumes, uniforms and masks available both for kids and adults.

We hope to be bringing you new Star Trek Uniform Costumes in time for the May 2009 release of the new JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Every Pumpkin Counts

Halloween is only a few days before Election day.

Support your candidate by carving a Barack-o-Lantern!

Stencils and inspiration are available at Yes We Carve.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Halloween Hall of Fame Inductee! (drum roll, please)

Tim Burton inducted into the Halloween Hall of Fame

Academy Award-nominated director is recognized for his contribution through movies that have promoted Halloween and inspired costumes over the years

The Halloween Hall of Fame, an organization dedicated to promoting Halloween by sharing fun facts and other information, recognizes those who have contributed through music, movies, designing Halloween costumes and much more. This year, they have selected Tim Burton to be the next inductee into their Hall of Fame. The Academy Award-nominated director is recognized for his spooky film work including, "Nightmare Before Christmas", “Edward Scissorhands”, “The Corpse Bride" and many others.

Mr. Burton has produced several multi-million dollar movies that have inspired top selling Halloween costumes like “Batman" and "Planet of the Apes". Mr. Burton is joined by the existing hall of famers who have contributed to promoting Halloween and include Vincent Price, Lon Chaney, Jr., Bobby (Boris) Picket, Bella Lugosi, Elvira and Fred Gwynne.

“Tim Burton’s movies have had such an impact on the inspiration of the next greatest Halloween costumes. Due to his amazing vision, each one of his movies sets off a frenzy of ideas and demand for the next Tim Burton movie-inspired Halloween costumes,” said Harold B. Maxwell, Founder of the Halloween Hall of Fame. "The fact is, Halloween is fun, and we are so pleased to include a film director who shares our love of Halloween."

Each year, the Halloween Hall of Fame board recommends nominees and a new member is then selected by the public. Each nominee is added to the Halloween Hall of Fame website where the public votes. Just before Halloween, the votes are tallied and the public is then informed of the winner. Tim Burton won this year by a 20% margin, with John Carpenter coming second.

About The Halloween Hall of Fame

Halloween Hall of Fame

The Halloween Hall of Fame is an organization dedicated to honoring people who have contributed to the popularity and fun of Halloween. In fact, the Halloween Hall of Fame provides the history behind Halloween, Halloween trivia, customs, traditions, safety tips and current trends. The Halloween Hall of Fame board of directors is made up of Halloween industry professionals and those who support the holiday of Halloween.

Top Halloween Costumes for Infants

Annie’s Costumes offers a variety of baby Halloween costumes for parents looking to make their baby’s first Halloween memorable.

Annie’s Costumes, the Internet’s largest retailer of Halloween costumes for infants, announced their top Halloween costumes for your baby. The list has been created from sales of the 2007 season and demand for the 2008 year. A baby’s first Halloween becomes a very big event as everyone shows off the little pea in the pod or strawberry.

“The selection of Halloween costumes for infants is probably the toughest to judge and is why we leave it up to the consumer to help make this decision. Each one of them is adorable which makes it too tough to judge,” said Shari McConahay, Marketing Director for Extreme Halloween. “The best advice I can offer to people is to shop early. Many of these top costumes sell out fast and then people always struggle to put something together.”

The company has been ranking the top Halloween costumes for infants for over 10 years. They have an entire list of top Halloween costumes for your baby, kids and yourself in adult sizes. As always the most popular costumes depend on blockbuster movies and TV shows that are popular for the year. These costumes will make your baby’s first Halloween a memorable event as they are all dressed up indifferent Halloween costumes.

About Annie’s Costumes

Online Halloween costume shop (www.AnniesCostumes.com) has been providing Halloween costumes for infants, costume accessories, and related products for shoppers since 1996. Annie's Costumes provides classic Halloween costumes for babies, adults, teens and kids including all the costume accessories for, gothic fashions, theater makeup, costume wigs, magician supplies and more. To see the adorable costumes for your baby’s first Halloween visit.

Sexy Princess Leia Costumes in High Demand This Year

Sexy Princess Leia Costume
According to a recent press release, one of the year's best selling Halloween costumes, following the sexy costume theme, is the Princess Leia Slave girl costume. Annie's Costumes is increasing stock of this sexy costume idea to keep up with the high demand. According to the release, the Princess Leia costume is joining the likes of Elvira, Batgirl, and the Wicked Witch as some of the most popular women's Halloween costumes in history.

To read more, see

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Latex Masks may Determine our Next President

Barack Obama Halloween MaskVSJohn McCain Halloween Mask

Since 1980, Annie’s Costumes Best Selling Presidential Candidate Mask has Foreshadowed the Election

With the Presidential Election around the corner, consumers are buying up latex Halloween masks in the likeness of their favorite candidate. This is no new trend. Every election year, presidential Halloween masks are top-sellers in the costume industry. Not only are these latex masks a popular Halloween item, they have been very consistent in determining the winner of the Presidential Election.

Since 1980, the best selling Presidential Candidate Halloween mask at Annie’s Costumes has been the candidate that wins the election. This means that we actually may know who our next President is by Halloween. Latex masks, the Barack Obama mask and John McCain mask, are in high demand this time of year and retailers are doing everything they can to keep them in stock.

Not many political analysts have been able to successfully predict every election from 1980 to today, but Annie’s Costumes did. We will soon see if Annie’s costumes will maintain their track record of predicting the President based on sales of latex Halloween masks.

As of today, the Presidential race is close, according to Halloween mask sales. Barack Obama and John McCain masks have been selling quite evenly, with Obama having a slight lead. There are only a few days left until Halloween, so if you feel strongly for one candidate, buy their mask and you may be contributing to their success at the election.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jack-O-Lantern Stencils

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is carving a pumpkin.

A perfectly carved Jack-O-Lantern is the second item on my Halloween list, right after the perfect costume.

Some of my favorite stencils can be found at Zombie Pumpkins. They feature stencil galleries including Tim Burton characters, movie villains (including The Joker), superheroes and other popular Halloween characters.

Get carving!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Clever Halloween Costumes That Help Battle Breast Cancer

Annie's Costumes has announced it has teamed up with the Frozen Pea Fund allowing shoppers to purchase an online halloween costume and help the battle against breast cancer. Online Halloween costumes sales from the “Think Pink” selection include clever costumes like infant pea in a pod, witch costumes, sleeping beauty, pink bunny infant costume, and many more for children, adults, men and women.

World of Warcraft Blizzcon Costumes, Masks & Makeup Kits

Looking to dress up like your favorite World of Warcraft character for Blizzcon? AnniesCostumes.com has got what you need to make a more than respectable appearance in this year's Blizzcon costume contest! So stop by AnniesCostumes.com/World_of_Warcraft_Costumes.htm and know that it won't take load of gold to get what you need for Blizzcon and Halloween too!

Annies Costumes is proud to carry official and licensed World of Warcraft costume masks and makeup kits:

Tauren Mask, Orc Mask, Forsaken Undead makeup kit, Night Elf makeup kit with ears and Blood Elf makeup kit with ears.

While shopping online, you can also pick up assorted robes, prop weapons, Medieval and Renaissance period garb, makeup and wigs. Annie's has costumes and accessories to match your imagination and character creation!

Blizzcon is just around the corner October 10 - 11th, 2008 in Anaheim, CA and we have rush shipping options and guarantee fast shipping to assure that you get your costume in time.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Nightmare Revisited

Danny Elfman has given the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack a revamping.

The Nightmare Revisted CD features the original songs covered by popular artists.

Track Listings:
1. Overture - DeVotchKa
2. Opening - Danny Elfman
3. This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
4. Jack’s Lament - The All-American Rejects
5. Doctor Finkelstein/In the Forest - Amiina
6. What’s This? - Flyleaf
7. Town Meeting Song - The Polyphonic Spree
8. Jack and Sally Montage - The Vitamin String Quartet
9. Jack’s Obsession - Sparklehorse
10. Kidnap the Sandy Claws - KoRn
11. Making Christmas - Rise Against
12. Nabbed - Yoshida Brothers
13. Oogie Boogie’s Song - Rodrigo y Gabriela
14. Sally’s Song - Amy Lee
15. Christmas Eve Montage - Rjd2
16. Poor Jack - Plain White T’s
17. To the Rescue - Datarock
18. Finale/Reprise - Shiny Toy Guns
19. Closing - Danny Elfman
20. End Title - The Album Leaf

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy October Halloween Trivia!

Halloween Trivia: Did you know?

* Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.

* The first jack-o'-lanterns were made out of turnips.

* Samhainophobia is a fear of Halloween. (Samhain is what the holiday was originally called.)

* In Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts, Halloween is often referred to as Beggar's Night.

* The largest Halloween celebration -- the Village Halloween Parade -- is held in Greenwich Village.

* Former First Lady Dolley Madison is said to haunt the White House Rose Garden.

* The most popular costume of 2005 was Spiderman.

* The first official city-wide Halloween celebration was held in Anoka, Minnesota in 1921.

* Americans eat about 26 pounds of candy every year ... each. That explains why my jeans don't fit.

* According to the U.S. Census, there are 108 million housing units in the U.S. That's a lot of trick-or-treating!

* The biggest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,140 pounds.

* Americans spend $6.9 billion on Halloween each year.

Jonesing for more Halloween stuff? Check out Annies Costumes Halloween Movie Trivia Game!

Halloween Movie Trivia

Think Pink Costumes for the Cure in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Think Pink Costumes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Clever Halloween Costumes for an Extreme Cure Benefiting the Frozen Pea Fund

Annie's Costumes Allows Shoppers to Purchase an Online Halloween Costume and Help the Battle Against Breast Cancer

October 01, 2008 – Annie’s Costumes, the Internet’s largest retailer of Halloween costumes, announced a clever new fundraising initiative to help fight in the battle against breast cancer. For the entire month of October, customers who purchase selected Halloween costumes online, including pink bunny infant costumes, pink power ranger costumes and even pink pet costumes, will have a portion of the purchase donated to the Frozen Pea Fund.

In connection with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a portion of the sales of selected Halloween costumes purchased online will be donated to the Frozen Pea Fund, a charity started by Susan Reynolds, best known for popularizing using a bag of frozen peas in her bra for pain relief. This clever idea uses pink Halloween costumes to promote awareness for Breast Cancer.

“Hearing about this amazing charity touched our company and family in so many ways. We are so happy to be teamed up with a great group of people and to help fight this deadly disease,” said Shari McConahay of Annie’s Costumes. “Thanks to our many generous customers, we have been able to help charities raise money and make an impact in the fight against breast cancer.”

Online Halloween costumes sales from the “Think Pink” selection include clever costumes like infant pea in a pod, witch costumes, sleeping beauty, pink bunny infant costume, and many more for children, adults, men and women. For the entire collection eligible for the donation, visit http://www.anniescostumes.com/thinkpinkcostumes.htm.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Annie’s Costumes Introduces World of Warcraft Costumes Featuring Night Elf Makeup and Character Masks

World of Warcraft (WoW) Costumes allow gaming enthusiasts to dress up like their favorite WoW characters for Halloween or Blizzcon.

Dania Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 26, 2008 – Annie’s Costumes, the costume industry’s largest online retailer for Halloween costumes, announced that they’re now carrying World of Warcraft (WoW) costumes. The WoW makeup kits and character masks represent favorite character classes, such as Tauren, Orc, Forsaken, Night Elf, and Blood Elf. Over the next several weeks, World of Warcraft fans and players will be able to access the official World of Warcraft masks and makeup kits on AnniesCostumes.com through a special link on the World of Warcraft game login screen and www.WorldofWarcraft.com.

World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that’s played by millions of gamers around the world. Players band together on a daily basis to adventure through the WoW game world, forming friendships, slaying monsters and engaging in epic quests. Now these gaming enthusiasts can dress up in World of Warcraft costumes for Halloween or Blizzcon, a popular gaming conference that celebrates the World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo franchises.

“We love World of Warcraft so much, that we pushed and pushed to make sure that fans had access to these awesome products so that they could gear up for Halloween,” states Shari McConahay, Marketing Director for Extreme Halloween. When asked which WoW costumes that she thought would be the most popular Mrs. McConahay replied, “Definitely the Blood Elf and Night Elf makeup kits. They’re popular characters on WoW and with the makeup kits it’s easy to create a unique World of Warcraft Blood Elf or Night Elf Costume.”

Annie’s Costumes also offers a variety of fantasy Halloween costumes and robes that go great with the World of Warcraft masks and makeup kits. After getting dressed up in their World of Warcraft costumes, enthusiasts can pick up their Halloween prop weapon of choice to make their WoW costumes complete.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween Hall of Fame Voting Closes this Weekend

Halloween Hall of Fame

The voting polls will close this Sunday night (September 27, 2008) for the Halloween Hall of Fame inductee for 2008. This is your last chance to vote on which nominee should be inducted into the Halloween Hall of Fame. Tim Burton is currently leading with 30% of the votes. Followed closely by fellow film maker John Carpenter. To cast your vote. go to: www.halloweenhalloffame.org today!

The list of 2008 Nominees:

Jaime Lee Curtis
Ed Wood
Mary Shelley
Rick Baker
Wes Craven
Rick Baker
Sam Raimi
Vlad the Impaler
Fred Gwynne
John Carpenter

Halloween Hall of Fame Members:

Bobby Boris Picket
Vincent Price

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kevin Smith's...Horror Movie?

Kevin Smith is abandoning Jay and Silent Bob in favor of slasher-style horror in his new movie, "Red State."

Currently experiencing funding issues, Smith is determined to make the darkest, bleakest horror film possible.

Read the whole interview here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World of Warcraft Costume Masks and Makeup Kits Now Available!

World of Warcraft Halloween Merchandise

AnniesCostumes.com is proud to be a select distributor of Official World of Warcraft merchandise! We are big Fans of the World of Warcraft game and we know you have been searching for those big elf ears and other WoW merchandise, so we helped develop World of Warcraft masks and makeup kits available in time for this Halloween.

Now available at Annies Costumes:

Tauren Masks
World of Warcraft Tauren Latex Mask

Orc Masks
World of Warcraft Latex Orc Mask

Undead / Forsaken Makeup Kits
World of Warcraft Forsaken Makeup Kit

Night Elf Makeup Kits
World of Warcraft Night Elf Makeup Kit

Blood Elf Makeup Kits
World of Warcraft Blood Elf Makeup Kit

Sweeten the deal with some extra WoW!

Are you "FOR THE HORDE!!"? Use coupon code: RIG at check out for FREE ground shipping! Maybe you fight for The Alliance? Then you can use coupon code: DINKE for FREE ground shipping!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like a Pirate, Tweet Like a Pirate, Dress Like a Pirate, & Blog Like a Pirate too!

Pirate's Treasure CostumeDress Like a Pirate Day!Captain Jack Sparrow Costume
Ghost Ship Pirate Costume

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

For those of you who might not have known, today is a day of particular importance. No, it is not Halloween (just yet), nor is it Christmas or Mother's Day. For some, this is a day that is far more important, and provides a wealth of more amusement and joy. It turns out that today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and it is apparently celebrated throughout the world, at least among pirate aficionados and those in the know. Recently put into practice as far back as 2002 (although it was celebrated by a small circle of friends since 1995, when it was first established), this holiday seems to be on the rise to claim a spot next to Secretary's Day. So grab your pirate hats, hoist your Jolly Rogers, and may today be filled with the spirit of adventure for you!
More information can be found at: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html

Not only can ye have fun with friends a co-workers, but you can also have fun online with www.tweetlikeapirate.com and the many blogs and websites dedicated to this fun day!

Ahoy There, Matey!

Today be talk like a pirate day, ye scurvy dogs!

Celebrate by dressing up in pirate garb and swashbuckling the office.

Annie's Costumes has you covered for all your pirate costume needs.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paris Hilton Plays Horror Villain

Paris Hilton has traded in her blonde hair for black locks, thick gothic make-up and leather bondage gear for her role as a villain in a horror movie.

Hilton is pictured as villain Amber Sweet, in Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Set in 2056, the horror movie is about an epidemic of organ failures that threatens the future of mankind.

The movie is set for release November 7.

Get her look just in time for Halloween from Annie's Costumes.

Halloween Costume Contest Tips

How to Host the Perfect Halloween Costume Contest:

1. Announcement - let guests know that you will be having the contest on the invitations so they know to dress creatively.

2. Voting - set up a "voting booth" at the party so party-goers can choose their favorite costumes.

3. Categories - consider many categories so you can have many winners: Funniest, Most Unique, Scariest, Sexiest and Best Overall.

4. Prizes - Whether it's a homemade ribbon, a trophy or a gift basket, give your guests a little something for their efforts.

Good Luck Planning, and if you're looking for the winning costume visit Annie's Costumes!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Vero Beach Halloween Costume Parade

On October 25th, The City of Vero Beach Recreation Department will present its 50th Annual Halloween Parade and Costume Contest.

The parade begins at 10 am and everyone is encouraged to dress up. Goodie bags and prizes for the best costumes will be awarded and entry is free.

For more information visit www.covb.org or check out last year's parade:

Get the winning costume from Annie's Costumes!

2008 Top Halloween Costume Videos on YouTube

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is on the way and we have the video proof to show it! Here are some of the top Halloween Costumes for 2008. So, think of this video as a preview of who will be knocking at your door this Halloween!

Popular Halloween Costumes for 2008:

We actually threw a Halloween Party and invited some friends, dressed them up and video-ed the whole thing. So you can get an idea of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2008 and see the Halloween party fun first hand!

All the costumes here can be seen on Extreme Halloween's Yop Halloween Costume List for 2008: www.extremehalloween.com/tophalloween.htm

All the costumes listed are available for sale (at a great price, I might add!) at www.AnniesCostumes.com

Stay tuned for some behind the scenes pics and recipes for the party snack we served!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Special Clone Wars Announcement Today on Cartoon Network

The Clone Wars

Cartoon Network made the special announcement today that Star Wars The Clone Wars Animated Weekly Series will begin on October 3, 2008. The weekly series will tell the continuing story from The Clone Wars movie how in theaters of the battle between the Jedi and the Sith.

With Star Wars The Clone Wars both in theaters and on the television screen, Star Wars costumes will be in high demand this Halloween!

Clone Wars Costumes

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Dark Knight Dominates the Top 10 Halloween Costumes List

Our Top 10 Halloween Costumes List is now available at ExtremeHalloween.com. On that list, the Dark Knight costumes are the most popular choice for boys and men this Halloween.

The Batman costumes aren't the only Dark Knight costumes flying off the shelves. Because of Heath Ledger's amazing portrayal of the Joker, Joker costumes are also high in demand.

Annie's Costumes also has Batgirl costumes for girls who want to dress up like the Dark Knight.

If you're not into the Dark Knight, there are plenty of other Halloween costume ideas to choose from. Star Wars costumes and Hannah Montana are still popular favorites for this Halloween.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joker Halloween Costumes are Selling Out

It's just days before the traditional Labor Day Halloween season kick off but Joker costumes seem to have already flown off the shelves.

The passing of Health Ledger, paired with the success of The Dark Knight, made the Joker Halloween costume everyone's go to Halloween costume idea.

Read more about this story and get your The Dark Knight costume soon, before they're seriously gone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

WANTED: Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbell

Last week Cinderella, Snow White and Tinkerbell were arrested.

Ok, not really, but 32 protesters - some wearing Disney costumes - were arrested while gathering for a labor dispute involving Disneyland's most closely affiliated hotels.

The protesters were arrested under misdemeanor charges and have since been released.

For more on this story visit Yahoo! News and to get your own Disney Costume check out Annie's Costumes.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sending Packages To the Military?

If you are sending a package to military personnel for Halloween, Annie's Costumes can help. They have began to ramp up efforts to prepare for the busy season and help ensure the Halloween costumes arrive on time.

One big note is, if you are sending Halloween costume packages to the military, the orders must be placed roughly 15 - 17 days before you want the package to arrive.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Opening Ceremony Costumes

The Costumes worn at the 8/8/2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony were some of the most intricate displays of dress and movement I have seen in a while.

This one was my personal favorite:

For more Opening Ceremony pictures click here.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Teenage, Mutant...Runners?

Imagine driving to work and passing a group of Ninja Turtles on your way. If you were in Maine this week, this may have happened to you.

There is a group of runners in Cape Elizabeth, Maine who run in costume. They have worn Batman, Superman, and Spider-man costumes in years past, but this year they decided to dress as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Adorned in green under armor, yellow tank tops, green spandex, yellow shorts and topped off with face masks and turtle shells, the runners ran over 6 miles.

Half way through, their costumes earned them a snack. A local pizza restaurant gave the runners a slice of pizza as they ran by. The runners admitted it was hard to run and eat at the same time, but embraced their alter ego's appetite for the snack.

Read the Full Article or Get Your Own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

Kowabunga, Dude!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Star Wars Fans Invade MN Science Museum

Star Wars fans, dressed in authentic costumes, gathered at a Science Museum in St. Maul, Minnesota for the opening of the museum's "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit.

You can imagine the visiting children's surprise when Boba Fett emerged from an elevator. The volunteers - all official members of George Lucas's 501st and Rebel Legions - enjoyed seeing the responses to their costumes and playing their favorite Star Wars characters.

In order to be a part of Lucas's Legions the costumes had to be authentic, worn all day and not sponsored by anyone. Check out some of the costumes worn.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Costumes We Want to See at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is currently on in full effect, but here is an article from last week that I found over at the IO9 Website where they are 'Strung Out on Science Fiction'!

Stay tuned to The Extreme Halloween blog for details and highlights of all the costumes at Comic - Con!

Costumes We Want To See At Comic-Con

One of the traditional joys of San Diego Comic-Con - or any comic convention, really - are all the strange and wonderful costumes that fans wander around in for days on end. From Hello Kitty Darth Vaders to creepily lifelike Simpsons characters, we've seen them all... or, at least, almost all. Under the jump, we'd like to suggest some characters that we're hoping will be brought to life during next week's nerd prom.

Old-School Star Trek Characters: I know it's a cliche, but when was the last time you actually saw Vulcans at a comic convention? Sure, every year brings a smattering of Klingons out of the woodwork, but even they've been falling in number in recent years, replaced by even more Stormtroopers and men and woman treating Johnny Depp's Pirates of The Carribean outfit as a lifestyle choice. With JJ Abrams' Trek reboot building buzz, here's to seeing some people in black slacks, blue sweaters and pointy ears wandering around the convention center.

Torchwood's Cyberwoman: Why should the midriff-revealing Stormtroopers get to hog all the uncomfortable attempts to sexualize faceless soldiers? And unlike the Britney Spears-esque female clone warriors for the Empire, this "sexy" cybernetic killer is even in continuity!

Skrullized Superheroes: If we don't see versions of our favorite superheroes with large green rippled chins, then quite simply, Marvel Comics' Secret Invasion series - where our favorite superheroes discover that some of their number have been replaced by alien versions of themselves with large green rippled chins - will have failed. It's the ideal outfit for the lazy costume fan, requiring very little editing to be completely topical.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/Lady Au Pair: Don't get me wrong - I'm as happy to see women dressed up as the husky-voiced femme fatale Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. as the next man, but now that we've seen a couple of her other identities, it's time to ditch the Jackie O-inspired pillbox hat and get more inventive. Remember, it's just like Dean said: Go, Team Boobies.

One-Legged Singing Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica: The rise of Colonial Warriors has been noticeable at various conventions over the last few years, but very few seem to want to emulate specific characters. Maybe they've been put off by the lack of distinguishing features - in which case, poor Mr. Gaeta's leg amputation is a gift to any ambitious cosplayer. Who wouldn't want to see a hobbling hero in line for Ron Moore's autograph, singing painful space shanties?