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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Costumes We Want to See at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is currently on in full effect, but here is an article from last week that I found over at the IO9 Website where they are 'Strung Out on Science Fiction'!

Stay tuned to The Extreme Halloween blog for details and highlights of all the costumes at Comic - Con!

Costumes We Want To See At Comic-Con

One of the traditional joys of San Diego Comic-Con - or any comic convention, really - are all the strange and wonderful costumes that fans wander around in for days on end. From Hello Kitty Darth Vaders to creepily lifelike Simpsons characters, we've seen them all... or, at least, almost all. Under the jump, we'd like to suggest some characters that we're hoping will be brought to life during next week's nerd prom.

Old-School Star Trek Characters: I know it's a cliche, but when was the last time you actually saw Vulcans at a comic convention? Sure, every year brings a smattering of Klingons out of the woodwork, but even they've been falling in number in recent years, replaced by even more Stormtroopers and men and woman treating Johnny Depp's Pirates of The Carribean outfit as a lifestyle choice. With JJ Abrams' Trek reboot building buzz, here's to seeing some people in black slacks, blue sweaters and pointy ears wandering around the convention center.

Torchwood's Cyberwoman: Why should the midriff-revealing Stormtroopers get to hog all the uncomfortable attempts to sexualize faceless soldiers? And unlike the Britney Spears-esque female clone warriors for the Empire, this "sexy" cybernetic killer is even in continuity!

Skrullized Superheroes: If we don't see versions of our favorite superheroes with large green rippled chins, then quite simply, Marvel Comics' Secret Invasion series - where our favorite superheroes discover that some of their number have been replaced by alien versions of themselves with large green rippled chins - will have failed. It's the ideal outfit for the lazy costume fan, requiring very little editing to be completely topical.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/Lady Au Pair: Don't get me wrong - I'm as happy to see women dressed up as the husky-voiced femme fatale Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. as the next man, but now that we've seen a couple of her other identities, it's time to ditch the Jackie O-inspired pillbox hat and get more inventive. Remember, it's just like Dean said: Go, Team Boobies.

One-Legged Singing Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica: The rise of Colonial Warriors has been noticeable at various conventions over the last few years, but very few seem to want to emulate specific characters. Maybe they've been put off by the lack of distinguishing features - in which case, poor Mr. Gaeta's leg amputation is a gift to any ambitious cosplayer. Who wouldn't want to see a hobbling hero in line for Ron Moore's autograph, singing painful space shanties?

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