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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bloody Mary Makeup & All About Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Makeup

We carry Bloody Mary brand makeup on our website. It is one of the most popular makeup brands because of the innovative styles and colors they are always coming out with. Bloody Mary makeup is famous for Professional Hollywood Makeup, Halloween kits, Goth Makeup style, fangs, camouflage makeup, sports fan makeup and even more!

The brains behind the whole operation, Bloody Mary is Bobbie Weiner. I am proud to call this awesome woman my friend, she is an inspiration to women and entrepreneurs. She started her company from the ground up and is now one of the top entrepreneurs in the country.

Me & Bloody Mary
Me (left) and Bobbie at the Halloween Show February 2008

Her camouflage makeup is used by the US military, the Israeli military and several others around the world. Her innovative camouflage makeup contains bug repellent and she designed camo kits with mirrors inside so that reapplication is easy and quick.

Besides her achievements for camouflage makeup, her Halloween makeup kits are absolutely great all in one packages complete with instructions, applicators and everything you would need to achieve the look you need.

Bloody Mary's Goth makeup is great for stylistic makeup applications all year long, very popular among teens and the club kid crowd.

Bobbie has also done makeup for television and movies, she is most well known for creating all the frozen dead blue passengers in Titanic. Bobbie has many crazy and colorful stories, as you can imagine. My favorite story is from when she was in makeup school learning her trade, for an exam she had to make up a person with bloody burns. When she had finished, the model looked in the mirror and threw up! That has got to be the best compliment a gory makeup artist could get!

Bobbie Weiner Millionaire Blueprints Magazine
Bobbie holding the issue of Millionaire Blueprints Magazine. She was the first woman to be on the cover of their magazine.

Besides the makeup empire she has created, several years ago, she launched a Comic Book, The Tales of Bloody Mary, putting her alter ago in print as a motorcycle riding, sexy vixen! It is one of the most popular new comic book series on the market. Along with the comic book, Bloody Mary products have become an entire franchise in and of itself. There are all types of items, including an award winning Bloody Mary Hot Sauce!

Tales of Bloody Mary Comic Book

Her Comic Book inspired a haunted attraction at Six Flags Amusement park in Texas called The Circus of Fear.

We collaborated with Bloody Mary this week for a photo shoot for her latest book, supplying the kids costumes and the dog costumes to go along with her makeup.

Skeleton Halloween Costumes & Skeleton Halloween Makeup
Our Child Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume, Skele Dog Costume, and Bloody Mary Skeleton Makeup

Clown Halloween Costumes & Clown Makeup
Kids Clown Costume and Clown Dog Costume
Our Clubbers the Clown Child Costume, Clown Costume Accessories, Clown Dog Costume, and Bloody Mary Clown Makeup

Captian Jack Sparrow Costumes and Pirate Makeup
Our Captain Jack Sparrow Costume for Kids, Captain Jack Pirate Dog Costume, and Bloody Mary Pirate Makeup Kit

The handsome young model in the photo is Dylan Hall, he is 7 years old, and his little buddy is Charlie, a 6 year old Brussels Griffon. Dylan and Charlie have grown up together and love Halloween especially going to Dylan's Dad's famous Haunted House, The Boneyard in Arlington, Texas where they greet people coming into the Haunt every Halloween season. They have become a Halloween fixture at the Boneyard Halloween Attraction!

The full line of Bloody Mary Makeup is available on our makeup site: www.StageAndTheaterMakeup.com

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Worm said...

There is another awesome haunted house in Rochester, NY if you are ever in the area called Nightmare Manor. Really scary and worth going to.