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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight Costume Quiz

Dark Knight Costume

The folks over at MovieFone have really been celebrating the latest Batman movie 'The Dark Knight' and I have been eating up all the articles since I am a huge Bat-Fan. Take the Batman Quiz and see if you can beat my score! 11 correct 5 incorrect

The Many BatMEN

I'll even give you a few head starts!

Original Batman Costume
The original Batman suit that Michael Keaton wore weighed a whopping 70 pounds!

Catwoman Costume
Michelle Pfieffer had 60 Catwoman costumes made for the movie. A pretty expensive cat suit at $1,000 each! Reportedly, she cited the skin tight suits' un-comfortableness as a reason for turning down the Catwoman sequel film.

The Penguin Costume
Danny Devito's Penguin Makeup was so horrific it actually frightened a co-star into needing re-takes. He spent two hours in makeup everyday to obtain that scary villain look!

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