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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thicker Eyelashes Makeup Tip as Seen on Rachael Ray

Makeup tip as seen on Rachael Ray

Here is a makeup tip to help out with applying makeup quicker and how to get the most out of your makeup look.

Everyone always wants thicker, longer eyelashes, well I heard a trick from the makeup artist and celebrity stylist Mally Roncal on Rachael Ray the other day: apply black eye liner to the inside, upper lid of your eyes, this is an easy way to make your lashes look darker, longer and fatter and make your eyes pop!

Thick Eyelashes Makeup Tip

Click here for the video and more tips on how to stream line your makeup routine!

Since watching this episode a couple weeks ago, I tried this trick out and was really happy with the results! I use Mehron's Pro Pencil in absolutely black.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spider-Man 4 Premier Date Set!

Spiderman 4 Movie
'Spider-Man 4' Sets Release Date

From MovieFone

If your Spidey senses are tingling, there's a good reason. Variety confirms that Sony has set 'Spider-Man 4' for a May 6, 2011, release. Two other Marvel heroes will also hit the screen that summer -- 'Thor' on June 17 and 'The First Avenger: Captain America' on July 22 -- while the multi-hero tentpole 'The Avengers' has been pushed from summer 2011 to May 4, 2012.

Stay tuned to the Extreme Halloween blog for all your super hero movie updates as well as all the costumes to go with those movies!

Makeup Tip: Blotting Paper

Spring and summer are coming, so is the hot weather that has a tendency to mess up your makeup. Well I have a great makeup tip for you. This makeup tip also is great for controlling oily skin. Instead of reapplying powder if you perspire or if your skin gets oily, use blotting paper.

Blotting paper has been used by makeup professionals, makeup artists, and in stage and theater for years. Blotting paper removes excess oil and perspiration without messing up your makeup. Just use blotting paper, then reapply powder to set your makeup and you will definitely be happy with the results!

Makeup Blotting Paper

Nurturing Force Blotting Paper is an inexpensive solution to summer time makeup problems.

Blotting Powder, Oily Skim Makeup Solution

The blotting paper is Powder-Free, Talc-Free, and Paraben-Free. Just Blot and Your Face will feel change and you will notice the difference. Comes in a convenient dispenser that protects one continuous roll of paper (29ft) allowing you to customize your sheet size. Easily fits almost anywhere: bag, pocket, backpack, tote, briefcase, desk, locker, gym bag. Sells for just $14.95

Usually women use "powdering their nose" as a solution for oily skin, or reapplying makeup after perpiring, however that really just cakes on more powder and clogs pores, so lets change your frame of mind to "blotting your nose"!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pictures from Carnival, Rio deJaneiro

Pictures from Carnival in Rio

Photos credit: http://news.bbc.co.uk

Samba dancer

Dancing beauties wearing little more than sequins and smiles wrapped up two nights of Carnival parades by Brazil's top samba schools in Rio de Janeiro.

Porto da Pedra samba school dancers

The spectacular floats and costumes take months to make and the competition between samba schools is fierce.

Portela samba school dancers

More than 70,000 people packed Rio's purpose-built Sambadrome for the traditional pre-Lent celebrations. Festivities continued throughout the streets of the city.

Beija-Flor samba school dancers

Elements being judged include choreography, timing and harmony. Each school has 82 minutes to herd its dancing, singing troupe through the 700m-long stadium.

Carnival procession

Themes this year included environmental protection and the technology of the future.

Beija-Flor samba school dancers

The winning school will be named on Wednesday. No major prizes are given but the winners are celebrated across the country.

Beija-Flor samba school dancers

Security has been tight for the Rio carnival - although police say nearly 100 foreigners fell victim to robbers in the lead up to the event.

Mocidade de Padre Miguel samba school

Luxuriant costumes have to be painstakingly created and worn with care. A misplaced wing or feather can cost a school the title.

An Academicos do Grande Rio samba school dancer

In addition to strategically placed glitter, many performers wore enormous headdresses and dangerously tall high heels.

An Imperio Serrano samba school dancer

The global economic crisis has led to fewer corporate sponsors for this year’s event, but observers say the spectacle was unaffected.

Imperio Serrano samba school dancers

The government of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva donated $3m (£2m) to help the samba schools pull through.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mardi Gras comes to Tybee

I wanted to feature the following article, since it features one of my closest friends, Nancy Cox who owns an amazing costume shop near Savannah, GA called ACME Costumes.

Mardi Gras comes to Tybee

February 23, 2009

EZRA SALKIN Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 21, Tybee Island, Ga. joined for its first time a select number of U.S. cities celebrating Mardi Gras.

Sometimes called Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras traditionally falls before Ash Wednesday, the herald to the Catholic fasting season of Lent.

Other U.S. cities celebrating Mardi Gras this year include Mobile, Ala. and New Orleans, of which the celebration has become virtually synonymous.

On Feb. 21 however, on a pleasant afternoon on Tybee Island, this reporter was ordained with purple, gold and green beads by an old guy named Rufus with multicolored, tassel-strewn hair, wearing colossally wide-brimmed glasses.

A music group called the New Orleans Dixieland Jazz Band dominated the event, playing everything from Santana and Lynard Skynard, to blues. The blocked-off streets were packed with screaming kids, teenagers in baggy shorts and Jester hats, elderly people in lawn chairs and the occasional surfer. Everyone who looked of age carried a swelling cup of beer in their hand.

Venetian carnival masks, garlands of white and colored feathers, goofy glasses and beads sold briskly at local vendors. The owner of ACME Costumes, Nancy Cox, explained that the fun-loving, beach-going residents have the same Tybee patrons responsible for Pirate Fest to thank for the this year’s French Cajun festivities.

“Costume sales for this first time event are competitive with those for St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. I’ve been here since 9 a.m. and there hasn’t been a dull moment yet.”

She attributed the high turnout for the day at least partly to displaced Louisiana residents who were pushed east due to Hurricane Katrina. “Some good ol’ fashioned grace accompanied by good weather, as well the fact that Tybee is still a place where you can walk with a cocktail in your hand probably doesn’t hurt either.”

The parade regaled the eager crowds with flag-weilding smiling alligators and feathered scarves, being driven along by old flamboyant Cadillacs, jeering despots, malevolently grinning cigarette butts in tubing devices, prismatic graffiti-ridden school buses and wagons driven by mad, masked French men and pirates, imposing ship masts and top sails, bug people with bulbous eyes and sagging antennas, not to mention a few beauties in bikinis. Purple, green and gold balloons, symbolic of Lent, flew everywhere.

In addition to the parade on Feb. 21, a fantasy masquerade ball was held the night before, where a King and Queen were crowned for best costume, as well best cocktail cup. Attendees of the ball were able to participate in tasting King Cake, a Mardi Gras delicacy similar to a cinnamon roll, topped with sugar or icing, and is usually colored purple, green and gold. Sometimes, a plastic baby Jesus is perched in the middle. Attendees also had the chance to dance to authentic Zydeco music, which is Louisiana Creole folk music. Traditionally, it has a fast tempo and is dominated by the accordion.

More information about Mardi Gras Tybee can be found at www.mardigrastybee.com.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't Get Pinched on St. Patty's Day!

There is still time to get St. Patrick's Day gear in time for the big day! You can order St. Patrick's Day costumes, St. Patrick's Day hats, and party accessories this weekend and by 2pm on Monday, March 16th and have them delivered with FedEx Next Day air by end of business on Tuesday, which is St. Patrick's Day, and have it in time for your night time St. patty's Day festivities!

Here are some suggestions from some of our St. Patrick's Day items that are still in stock and available for St. Patrick's Day fun!

Light Up Leprechaun Hat:
Leprechaun Hat for St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day Green Lime Twist Wig:
Green Lime Twist Wig for St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts:

Leprechaun Costume:
Leprechaun Costume for St. Patrick's Day

Secret Wishes Lucky Charms Costume:
Secret Wishes Lucky Charm Sexy Costume for St. Patrick's Day

Happy Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th is today! Why not celebrate with a scary movie or maybe the Disney classic remake Return to Witch Mountain for kids and sci fi enthusiasts alike!

We are celebrating by featuring MovieFone's article with the "Master of Horror" himself, Wes Craven! Craven's latest horror movie premieres today: Last House on the Left.

5 Questions With: Wes Craven

Wes CravenWithout Wes Craven, the face of horror would be a much different, far less scary beast. In a career that spans 37 terrifying years, he's haunted moviegoers' dreams with the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movies; made audiences laugh and scream with the 'Scream' franchise; and scared the bejesus out of all comers with underrated cult fare like 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' (one of his personal favorites) and 'Swamp Thing.'

And it all began with 'Last House on the Left,' the short but sweet (read: frightening as hell) chiller that marked Craven's writer-director debut in 1972. With a Craven-produced 'The Last House on the Left' remake headed to the big screen, the legendary filmmaker opens up about his unlikely introduction to the horror genre, the inspiration for his 'Nightmare' and whether fans will be seeing him at the helm of 'Scream 4.' -- By Tom DiChiara

1. What inspired you to make the original 'Last House on the Left'?

Way back when I was a college teacher, I was watching the films of Bergman, and 'Virgin Spring' always stuck in my mind. It's such a concise and powerful story. And Sean Cunningham, who I'd been working for for a year, said: "I have these guys in Boston. They have outdoor theaters and they want me to do a scary film. If you want to write something scary, then you can direct it and cut it and I'll produce it, and, you know, we'll have fun. So that was basically my introduction to being a director -- being given that opportunity. I had never really seen a horror film, though in some ways I think that was good because I didn't set out to do something I'd already seen. I was much more influenced by the mid-'60s directors -- Fellini and people like that -- who had a great sort of hallucinogenic element in their films, and yet they were very serious films. That's how it started.

See the other 4 questions, pictures of the film's stars, and the movie trailer on MovieFone.com

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Most Creative Halloween Costume Idea Ever!

So it may be March, but we here think about Halloween pretty much ALL THE TIME! So whne I find a really cool costume that just can't wait, I post it no matter what time of year it is.

Creative costume ideas are always my favorite. I love to see what creative people can do with package costumes and especially with everyday objects! Here's an idea that will go with any costume and is so creative! Guaranteed you will have a "why didn't I think of that" moment!

The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ever

The Best Halloween Costume Ever

Now this is billed as The Best Halloween Costume Ever. And while I don't know that I can call it "the best ever" I definitely say it is "the most creative costume ever"!

St. Patrick's Day is more fun in costume!

St. Patrick's Day countdown banner

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th!
Make sure that you get everything you need for St. Patty's Day!

Annies Costumes has some really great costume and accessories to help you embrace the luck of the Irish! Leprechauns, Irish bar maids and Lucky Charms are just a few of the St. Patrick's Day costumes we have available. There is also a full selection of hats, shamrock beads, t-shirts and all kinds of fun dress up items available.

Here are some great St. Patty's Day gift basket ideas! Please visit our affiliate sponsors!

Kiss Me I'm Irish Gift Basket:

Irish Beer Gift Basket:

Jelly Belly jelly beans for St. Patrick's Day on sale now!

St. Patrick's Day Sale

Win a Mask from MardiGrasCostumes.com from the MomStart Blog!

Butterfly Holigraphic MaskGreen Mardi Gras Mask
Like wearing masks? Like our selection? Well now you have the rare opportunity to win one, shipped to you for free! Pretty cool, huh? In order to see how to enter, see MomStart.com for details!

Star Wars the Musical Coming Soon to UK and US

Star Wars the Musical

I know that most Star Wars fans will heave a disappointed sigh at the title of this post. However, many reviews and descriptions of this musical make it sound like it will be a hit!

I09.com reports:

Sure, you may think that Star Wars: A Musical Journey sounds like a cheesy cash-in on the classic films of your youth, but the organizers are promising something epic... as well as no R2-D2 cameo.

The show - due to premiere in London this April before heading to the States - features the scores from the six movies, rearranged by John Williams himself and performed by an orchestra in front of a backdrop of re-edited footage from the movies, creating a 90 minute visual narrative accompanying the music. But that's not all that you'll see, click here for their full story.

And good reviews from Broadway.com:

There’s a new musical on the horizon: Star Wars. Adapted from the epic blockbuster movies, Star Wars: A Musical Journey will open London’s O2 arena in April and then head to the United States, according to Rolling Stone. This is not your mother’s musical, as one organizer told the rock ‘n’ roll magazine, you won’t see “"R2-D2 rolling across the stage.”

The show, which debuts on April 10 in London, is a multimedia event featuring a 90-minute re-edit of the six films’ classic scenes on a 100-foot LED screen as well as new arrangements of John Williams’ iconic score by the maestro himself. The 86-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir will perform live at the event.

"This'll be the biggest, baddest sounding orchestra that anybody's ever heard," said Spencer Churchill, tour producer for Another Planet, the Berkeley-based company producing the show. Churchill added that vintage costumes from the films will be displayed at the venue. So will the musical event resemble a Star Wars convention? Don’t worry. "You do have to walk that fine line," Churchill explained. "Certainly you want it to be entertaining without it being kitschy, and I think we are doing that completely. It's not a bunch of shtick."

Dates in Europe and America are still to be announced.

I just had to post this update. Since the idea of a Star Wars musical conjures this, for most of us:

Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Star Trek Movie Trailer & New Enterprise Models

Here is an even bigger glimpse of the upcoming and much anticipated Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams. This is the newest trailer for the movie, which hits theaters in just two short months on May 8, 2009.

I am not really believing all the hype about this not being a Star Trek movie for Trekkies, seeing Captain Kirk take the helm of the enterprise for the first time is pretty exciting for this Trekkie!

This Star Trek movie trailer clip is courtesy of ScreenCrave.com as well as the article with all the new Enterprise images.

New Models of the Star Trek Enterprise

enterprise1 1024x680 New Models of the Star Trek Enterprise

Earlier this afternoon we posted the new full length trailer for the highly anticipated JJ Abrams revamp of Star Trek. It looks like today is your lucky day, because we’ve got an amazing photo gallery full of Trekkie treasures. If you live near the Arclight theater located in Los Angeles, California you can view three special edition models of the USS Enterprise that were created by several artists from all over the world. Each replica is 34 inches long and was cast from the 3D digital models for the film by Industrial Light & Magic. If you can’t make the trip to Sunset and Vine, check out the gallery after the jump to see what all the hype is about.

If you are ready to look the part and don your Star Trek uniform, then visit AnniesCostumes.com for Star Trek uniforms and plenty of makeup and accessories to make you look like you live in a galaxy far, far away.
Collectors Spock Latex Mask: $49.95.

The new movie Star Trek costumes are coming soon!

Take the Superhero Costume Poll!

Superhero Movie Costumes

Inspired by the many costumes of The Watchmen, MovieFone.com has a Superhero costume poll up with lots of great descriptions an pictures of costumed superheroes over the last couple of decades.

From Batman to Iron Man, Elektra to Silk Spectre, vote on the best and worst superhero costumes throughout movie history.

Superpowers are nice and all, but just as vital to the superhero mystique is the costume. Can you imagine someone trying to save the world in a sweatshirt and jeans? Wouldn't stand a chance.

'Watchmen' hits screens with some slick new additions to the costume department, leading us to wonder which crimefighters have donned the coolest outfits. Click through to vote on which of these 30 superheroes' costumes are super cool, and which are super lame.

Moviefone gives you the chance to cast your vote on many superhero movie costumes and tell them whether you thnk they are super cool costumes or super lame costumes and gives you the current results.

Which superhero costumes are your favorites? Mine has always been Batman, but I am huge Batfan in general. Especially the last two Batman films, they have really concentrated on featuring the costume and making sure to show us how they have made the Batman costume and added changes. Comment and let us know what you think?

And, as always, if you want to express the inner superhero in you, there are plenty of Superhero costumes available at AnniesCostumes.com!
Superhero Costumes

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Watchmen Movie Breaking Records

'Watchmen' earns $24.9 mil in first day!

The Watchmen

The HollywoodReporter.com reports:
Moviegoers came out to watch "Watchmen" on Friday to the tune of an estimated $24.9 million, including the $4.6 million that the graphic novel adaptation about dystopian superheroes picked up at midnight screenings Thursday.

The film, co-produced by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures and playing in 3,611 locations, the widest release ever for an R-rated film, is currently pulling in somewhat less than director Zack Snyder's last film, "300," which grabbed $28.1 million on its first day of release in March 2007 and went on to a first-weekend gross of $70.9 million.

On Thursday night, "Watchmen" attracted more than double the audience that showed up for midnight showings of "300," which took in $2.5 million when it originally bowed at midnight screenings. But while "Watchmen" is now playing in about 500 more theaters than "300," it also is contending with a running time that is more than 45 minutes longer.

See the full article and other box office weekend totals.

Watchmen Costumes

Already thinking ahead to Halloween? The Watchmen movie definitely has added quite a few more superhero costume options for this Halloween! Licensed, official Watchmen costumes will be available soon - stay tuned for details!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Five Minutes to Midnight and Watchmen about to hit theaters!

The Watchmen Movie Costumes

The superhero comic book movie adaption has been long anticipated. As the term goes, its 5 minutes to midnight and The Watchmen hits theaters at midnight tonight. This is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, some fans would say.

The Official Watchmen blog debuted pictures of all the Watchmen movie costumes a year ago, in their post entitled One Year to Midnight:

Silk Spectre:
Silk Spectre Halloween Costum

Rorschach Costume for Halloween

Ozy Costume

The Night Owl:
The Night Owl Costume

The Comedian:
The Comedian Costume

Missing from the costume debut is Dr. Manhattan. There is some speculation over how he will appear in the movie since he is glowing blue and usually naked in the comics! Maybe this is what a more sensible Dr. Manhattan Halloween costume might look like this:

It is also a much anticipated movie for us in the costume industry since it puts forth 6 great new superhero costumes that will no doubt be among the favorites for adults this Halloween. At our costume convention in January, it was one of the most talked about topics. The licensed and official Watchmen costumes will be available later this year and in time for Halloween. Here is what will be available:

Dr. Manhattan latex mask (and tons of blue makeup).
Rorschach costume, which includes the mask, hat and trench coat.
Owl Man costume, which will include the jumpsuit and mask.
The Comedian costume, which will include the jumpsuit and mask.
Ozymandias costume, which will include the jumpsuit, headpiece and mask.
The Silk Spectre sexy costume. Which will include the bodice. A wig will also be sold separately.
Several other masks and headpieces will be available as well. Stay tuned for details!

Here are some pics I took at the costume fashion show they put on. Sorry that some of the Watchmen costume pictures are not as clear as I would like, but I will be posting pics of the costumes soon along with more detailed descriptions of what is included with each costume.

The Comedian Costume:
The Watchmen Comedian Halloween Costume

Rorschach Costume:
The Watchmen Rorschach Halloween Costume

Silk Spectre Costume:
Watchmen Silk Spectre Halloween Costume