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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Take the Superhero Costume Poll!

Superhero Movie Costumes

Inspired by the many costumes of The Watchmen, MovieFone.com has a Superhero costume poll up with lots of great descriptions an pictures of costumed superheroes over the last couple of decades.

From Batman to Iron Man, Elektra to Silk Spectre, vote on the best and worst superhero costumes throughout movie history.

Superpowers are nice and all, but just as vital to the superhero mystique is the costume. Can you imagine someone trying to save the world in a sweatshirt and jeans? Wouldn't stand a chance.

'Watchmen' hits screens with some slick new additions to the costume department, leading us to wonder which crimefighters have donned the coolest outfits. Click through to vote on which of these 30 superheroes' costumes are super cool, and which are super lame.

Moviefone gives you the chance to cast your vote on many superhero movie costumes and tell them whether you thnk they are super cool costumes or super lame costumes and gives you the current results.

Which superhero costumes are your favorites? Mine has always been Batman, but I am huge Batfan in general. Especially the last two Batman films, they have really concentrated on featuring the costume and making sure to show us how they have made the Batman costume and added changes. Comment and let us know what you think?

And, as always, if you want to express the inner superhero in you, there are plenty of Superhero costumes available at AnniesCostumes.com!
Superhero Costumes

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