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Monday, March 09, 2009

Star Wars the Musical Coming Soon to UK and US

Star Wars the Musical

I know that most Star Wars fans will heave a disappointed sigh at the title of this post. However, many reviews and descriptions of this musical make it sound like it will be a hit!

I09.com reports:

Sure, you may think that Star Wars: A Musical Journey sounds like a cheesy cash-in on the classic films of your youth, but the organizers are promising something epic... as well as no R2-D2 cameo.

The show - due to premiere in London this April before heading to the States - features the scores from the six movies, rearranged by John Williams himself and performed by an orchestra in front of a backdrop of re-edited footage from the movies, creating a 90 minute visual narrative accompanying the music. But that's not all that you'll see, click here for their full story.

And good reviews from Broadway.com:

There’s a new musical on the horizon: Star Wars. Adapted from the epic blockbuster movies, Star Wars: A Musical Journey will open London’s O2 arena in April and then head to the United States, according to Rolling Stone. This is not your mother’s musical, as one organizer told the rock ‘n’ roll magazine, you won’t see “"R2-D2 rolling across the stage.”

The show, which debuts on April 10 in London, is a multimedia event featuring a 90-minute re-edit of the six films’ classic scenes on a 100-foot LED screen as well as new arrangements of John Williams’ iconic score by the maestro himself. The 86-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir will perform live at the event.

"This'll be the biggest, baddest sounding orchestra that anybody's ever heard," said Spencer Churchill, tour producer for Another Planet, the Berkeley-based company producing the show. Churchill added that vintage costumes from the films will be displayed at the venue. So will the musical event resemble a Star Wars convention? Don’t worry. "You do have to walk that fine line," Churchill explained. "Certainly you want it to be entertaining without it being kitschy, and I think we are doing that completely. It's not a bunch of shtick."

Dates in Europe and America are still to be announced.

I just had to post this update. Since the idea of a Star Wars musical conjures this, for most of us:

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Oh thank goodness this sounds like fun. I was thinking shades of Bill Murray reprising his role as the SNL lounge singer.