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Monday, March 16, 2009

Makeup Tip: Blotting Paper

Spring and summer are coming, so is the hot weather that has a tendency to mess up your makeup. Well I have a great makeup tip for you. This makeup tip also is great for controlling oily skin. Instead of reapplying powder if you perspire or if your skin gets oily, use blotting paper.

Blotting paper has been used by makeup professionals, makeup artists, and in stage and theater for years. Blotting paper removes excess oil and perspiration without messing up your makeup. Just use blotting paper, then reapply powder to set your makeup and you will definitely be happy with the results!

Makeup Blotting Paper

Nurturing Force Blotting Paper is an inexpensive solution to summer time makeup problems.

Blotting Powder, Oily Skim Makeup Solution

The blotting paper is Powder-Free, Talc-Free, and Paraben-Free. Just Blot and Your Face will feel change and you will notice the difference. Comes in a convenient dispenser that protects one continuous roll of paper (29ft) allowing you to customize your sheet size. Easily fits almost anywhere: bag, pocket, backpack, tote, briefcase, desk, locker, gym bag. Sells for just $14.95

Usually women use "powdering their nose" as a solution for oily skin, or reapplying makeup after perpiring, however that really just cakes on more powder and clogs pores, so lets change your frame of mind to "blotting your nose"!

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