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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Five Minutes to Midnight and Watchmen about to hit theaters!

The Watchmen Movie Costumes

The superhero comic book movie adaption has been long anticipated. As the term goes, its 5 minutes to midnight and The Watchmen hits theaters at midnight tonight. This is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, some fans would say.

The Official Watchmen blog debuted pictures of all the Watchmen movie costumes a year ago, in their post entitled One Year to Midnight:

Silk Spectre:
Silk Spectre Halloween Costum

Rorschach Costume for Halloween

Ozy Costume

The Night Owl:
The Night Owl Costume

The Comedian:
The Comedian Costume

Missing from the costume debut is Dr. Manhattan. There is some speculation over how he will appear in the movie since he is glowing blue and usually naked in the comics! Maybe this is what a more sensible Dr. Manhattan Halloween costume might look like this:

It is also a much anticipated movie for us in the costume industry since it puts forth 6 great new superhero costumes that will no doubt be among the favorites for adults this Halloween. At our costume convention in January, it was one of the most talked about topics. The licensed and official Watchmen costumes will be available later this year and in time for Halloween. Here is what will be available:

Dr. Manhattan latex mask (and tons of blue makeup).
Rorschach costume, which includes the mask, hat and trench coat.
Owl Man costume, which will include the jumpsuit and mask.
The Comedian costume, which will include the jumpsuit and mask.
Ozymandias costume, which will include the jumpsuit, headpiece and mask.
The Silk Spectre sexy costume. Which will include the bodice. A wig will also be sold separately.
Several other masks and headpieces will be available as well. Stay tuned for details!

Here are some pics I took at the costume fashion show they put on. Sorry that some of the Watchmen costume pictures are not as clear as I would like, but I will be posting pics of the costumes soon along with more detailed descriptions of what is included with each costume.

The Comedian Costume:
The Watchmen Comedian Halloween Costume

Rorschach Costume:
The Watchmen Rorschach Halloween Costume

Silk Spectre Costume:
Watchmen Silk Spectre Halloween Costume

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