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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thicker Eyelashes Makeup Tip as Seen on Rachael Ray

Makeup tip as seen on Rachael Ray

Here is a makeup tip to help out with applying makeup quicker and how to get the most out of your makeup look.

Everyone always wants thicker, longer eyelashes, well I heard a trick from the makeup artist and celebrity stylist Mally Roncal on Rachael Ray the other day: apply black eye liner to the inside, upper lid of your eyes, this is an easy way to make your lashes look darker, longer and fatter and make your eyes pop!

Thick Eyelashes Makeup Tip

Click here for the video and more tips on how to stream line your makeup routine!

Since watching this episode a couple weeks ago, I tried this trick out and was really happy with the results! I use Mehron's Pro Pencil in absolutely black.

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