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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We've Still Got the (Saturday Night) Fever After 30 Years

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Saturday Night Fever was just released and according to one review, we’ve still got the Fever after all these years!

Released in a 30th Anniversary Edition, the film still holds up as not just THE 1970s film as far as fashion and music but a rough, tragic coming of age story that any generation can relate to and perhaps be inspired by. In the role that made him a worldwide icon, John Travolta plays Tony Manero. The only thing that keeps the 19- year old Brooklyn kid and his friends alive and hopeful is Saturday night. On Saturday nights, they get dressed up and blow all their money at the disco.

Much of Fever’s aura comes from the Bee Gee’s music, which still is immensely enjoyable and how Travolta moves with it. The Fever soundtrack remains the top selling soundtrack of all time and is a staple at any club or house party.

The film has been called the first “dance” film that paved the way for other Travolta films like Urban Cowboy (1980), the ill-fated sequel to Fever; Staying Alive (1983) and the more successful iconic dance films of the 80s like Flashdance (1983), Footloose (1984), and Dirty Dancing (1987).

The new extras include the 52 minute retrospective documentary about the Fever phenomenon including the music, disco craze, fashion and how the film still holds up after 30 years. It includes interviews with ALL the cast and crewmembers EXCEPT for Travolta. His absence is never explained.

Fever was a huge turning point for American fashion as well as music. The film marked the shift from shaggy hairdos to perfectly coiffed, hairsprayed dos, gold neck chains, polyester shirts, platform shoes, and of course the three-piece white leisure suit that Travolta immortalized in the dance contest finale.

It’s not every film that can still pack a punch after 30 years but Saturday Night Fever is still as potent and as alive as it was back in 1977.Celebrate the Disco Era and the 30th anniversary release of Saturday Night Fever this Halloween! Blow out your hair and pick up a Night Fever Costume from Anniescostumes.com and hit the pavement. Can you just hear the Bee Gees singing Stayin’ Alive as you strut your stuff?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Halloween is Awesome - The Video!

Announcing our new "Halloween is Awesome" video featuring 10 of the Top Halloween Costumes for 2007.

You can purchase all costumes seen here at www.AnniesCostumes.com

Dorothy Costume

Shrek Costume


Fairy Witch Costume

Batman Begins Costume

Pretty Pirate Princess Costume

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Princess Leia Costume

Anakin Skywalker Costume

To see Extreme Halloween's entire list of the Top Halloween Costumes, visit ExtremeHalloween.com. You will see the best selling and most popular costumes in all sizes and categories.

Thanks to HyperNonsense for supplying the awesome "Halloween is Awesome Music!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes

The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes is Hilarious!
The tag Line is "When Good Costumes Go Bad"

You must visit CapnWacky's Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes. It is a laugh riot! Not only are the pictures funny, but his comments are even funnier! All quotes here are from Cap'n Wacky.

A few of my favorites:

C3PO Star Wars Costume

My name is C-3P0. I am fluent in over 6 million forms of communication and I do a fantastic Al Jolson impersonation.

Royal Guard Costume

Oh, Royal Guard. That's the last time we let you guard a box of doughnuts!

R2D2 Costume

Looks like Kenny Baker is finally getting too big for the part.

Daryl Hallwalker and John Oatsolo

Ladies and gentlemen, the Parade of Unforuntate Star Wars Costumes is proud to present, Daryl Hallwalker and John Oatsolo's Greatest hits.

1.Sith On My List
3. Sarlacc Smile
5. I Cantina Go For That
6. Did It In a Minoch
7. Private Jedis (Are Watching You)

MC Darth Hammer

Ladies and gentlemen: MC Darth Hammer.

Can't touch this, or won't touch this?

The Wedding Troopers
I love these guys. Because of them, the rest of us will always be able to say, "Sure, I may be kind of a nerd, but at least I didn't have all the groomsmen at my wedding dress as stormtroopers in formal wear.

Thanks for lowering the bar, gentlemen.

To see the entire Star Wars funny costume parade, visit CapnWacky's Site!

For your own Star Wars costume, visit AnniesCostumes.com, maybe you want to take a silly photo to send to Capn Wacky, or maybe you want to use his list as a guideline of what NOT to do with your Star Wars Costume!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Red Sox get early start on Halloween

According to an article on Halloween costumes, even the Boston Red Socks got an early start on the fun at a game on September 16.

The Boston Red Sox didn't need an interpreter for this: With one quick wardrobe change, Daisuke Matsuzaka went from star pitcher to Teletubby.

"I didn't think there was anything that could make me laugh last night. There was," manager Terry Francona said yesterday.

Many teams use a late-season trip as a chance to have some fun with the rookies, dressing them in outlandish costumes that must be worn on the flight to the next city. Dice-K had to don the outfit after Sunday's 4-3 loss to New York at Fenway Park.

In addition to Matsuzaka, Boston's veterans dressed reliever Hideki Okajami and outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury as female pirates, pitcher Clay Buchholz as Minnie Mouse and outfielder Brandon Moss as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Francona said watching Matsuzaka clear customs at Pearson International Airport in Toronto was "hilarious."

"Somebody wrote a cheque for $102-million, and he's going through dressed as a rodent," Francona said.

Get a head start on the Halloween fun with a costume from AnniesCostumes.com.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Naughty or Nice? Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes!

Scandalous Pirate Costume

Some of the HOTTEST costumes this Halloween are the new Playboy Sexy Costumes. Sexy Halloween costumes have been all the rage the past several years and Playboy has officially joined in the sexy costume party with their new line of sexy costumes they are producing - and putting their name on - literally.

Playboy School Girl Costume
Each of the costumes have the distinctive Playboy Bunny logo. And although there is no official Playboy Bunny Costume, you will not be disappointed with the designs and the construction of these fine, unique costumes. With names like Scandalous Pirate Costume, Saucy Marie Costume and Heff's Naughty Angel Costume, you just can't go wrong!

Heff's Naughty Angel Costume

Most people will get excited just looking at the costume pictures since the models are none other than "The Girls Next Door" a.k.a. Hugh Heffner's three girlfriends: Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. Each Playboy costume comes in a signature Playboy garment bag for safe keeping.

These high end, deluxe sexy costumes are made for repeated use, so you will be able to keep them around even after Halloween is over for some fun dress up and role play! For more news on these popular new Playboy Halloween Costumes, see our costume news online.

Hugh Heffner Smoking Jacket

Don't worry, men, you can participate in the dress up fun too, we have the Official Hugh Heffner Smoking Jacket Costume complete with the pipe.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dogs in Costume on Parade

Don't forget about your best friend this Halloween! Your pet dogs can certainly participate in the Halloween holiday. We have costumes for your pooches in all sizes at www.spoiledrottendoggies.com

That is a website that we put together after the popularity of our pet costumes grew. We decided to also offer other boutique pet items like carriers, beds, dog treats, toys, spa products and more. Stop by and check it out today!

And remember that whether you are having a Halloween party at your house or out trick or treating, take along your dog in costume! We have many dog costumes that match the same theme, so if you are planning a star wars theme, see Yoda dog and many other Star Wars dog costumes. We also have a Spiderman Dog, Superman Dog and Batman Dog and quite a few other super hero dog costumes, if you are planning a "Super" Halloween. There are so many different dog costumes to choose from in so many sizes, I am sure you will find one to match your Halloween theme or your pet's unique personality.

Yoda Dog CostumeSpiderman Dog CostumeSkeleDog Costume

Maybe your town is having a pet costume parade, like this one in New York: The Dog Halloween Parade 2006.
These parade goers are so adorable!

Her Royal HighnessBaby DogThe Headless Horseman Rides Again!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower Costumes

Gong Li in The Curse of the Golden Flower

Descriptive reviews of this film from TheAge.com website: "This costume drama is a chamber piece on a grand scale, a sometimes dazzling spectacle of royal intrigue." Says Philippa Hawker, Reviewer. See her whole review and synopsis of the film.

For more awesome images, videos and descriptions of the costumes worn in this film, see the official Sony Site for the Film.

This film is not only visually and aesthetically pleasing, with the awesome settings and beautifully designed costumes, it is also an informative look into the life style in China during the later Tang Dynasty in the 10th Century.

Pictures from Curse of the Golden Flower
The movie is directed by Zhang Yimou, who has also directed other Chinese epic color laden films such as House of Flying Daggers and Hero. All three movies are more than worth your time, check them out! The extras on the DVD for Curse of the Golden Flower go into great behind the scenes details and show the costumes extensively.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Decorating Your Home for Halloween

After much deliberation, you’ve finally decided on this year’s perfect Halloween costume. But what about your home? Will it be decorated to do your costume justice?

Whether you plan to wear your costume to frighten trick-or-treaters or if you’re having a spooky Halloween party, how you decorate your home can take your guests’ experience to a frighteningly new level.

Here are some tips from a how-to article on decorating your home for Halloween:

Pay a lot of attention to your lighting. Turn your lights very low, or even turn them off, using only candles to create a spooky Halloween glow.

  • Fill your home with spooky wisps of smoke and fog made from dry ice.

  • Make a few ghastly head centerpieces for your buffet.

  • Place shrunken apple heads in the least expected places such as on dining room or kitchen chairs, in your guests' coat pockets, or at the bottom of a snack bowl.

  • Play spooky Halloween music inside and outside your house.

  • Welcome your guests with spooky jack-o-lanterns lining your walkway.

  • Create creepy spiders to scatter everywhere including your buffet table, chairs, ceilings and anyplace else your guests might be surprised.

  • Spread cobwebs in choice corners of your home (available at most party stores) and selectively place miniature spiders in each web.

  • Cover your furniture with white sheets to simulate a deserted haunted house.

  • Buy your own Fog Machine.

  • Shop at Pumpkin Masters for a wonderful selection of pumpkin carving tools and instructions.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Star Wars Costume Pageant

Queen Amidala Decoy CostumeQueen Amidala CostumeTon Ton Rider Costume
CE Report: Star Wars Costume Pageant

Posted By Curto on TheForce.net on July 18, 2007

The costume pageant was a great showcase of fans' dedication and creativity. Warwick Davis presented this event, which was divided in two categories: under 16 and over 16. The judges were creature shop supervisors from Ep. III, Dave and Lou Elsey and costume designer John Mollo.

In the under 16 category there was a great clone trooper outfit and a parade of cute little Jedi, princesses and bounty hunters. While some had definite star quality - there was an Obi-Wan Kenobi who even perfected the Jedi Master's fighting stance -, some nearly ran off the stage, making it a little difficult to take good photos!

This category's prizes were given out by Ray Park and the winners were:

3rd: Yoda - this toddler in a Yoda outfit stole the show. If the huge smile on his little face is anything to go by, Star Wars will still be going strong another 30 years from now!

2nd: Boba Fett - This was a good costume, almost entirely handmade. The judging panel definitely gave points for care and effort.

1st: Lego Darth Vader - Yes, you read it right. This young boy's costume was Darth Vader as a Lego figurine! A definite win for creativity.

The adult category (over 16) had some amazing costumes ranging from Jedi Knights to Expanded Universe characters. There were many women in the pageant, and I don't mean just Amidalas: there was Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, a slave girl from Jabba's palace, Mon Mothma and a very realistic Asajj Ventress.

There were some great moments of unexpected humor in the pageant: somehow Warwick Davis' cue cards got mixed and all the costume descriptions started coming out wrong. There would be a Jedi on stage, in somber brown robes, and Warwick was describing flower embroidery… Everybody was laughing, including the contestants, and Warwick just made it the pageant's running gag!

The awards were given out by Jeremy Bulloch, who was very nice and took the time to speak to each winner about his/her costume. The winners were:

3rd: Hoth Han Solo with Tauntaun - This outfit must be seen to be believed, check out the photos! A brilliant idea, very well executed.

2nd: Amidala Senate Gown (Episode II) - This was indeed the most accurate of the Amidalas, up to the flawless hairdo. The costume was well tailored and showed great craftsmanship. Also, her serene regal pose rivalled Natalie Portman's!

1st: Wookiee - Upon taking the stage, this Wookie turned out to be bald… He also revealed that he'd nearly fainted from heat exhaustion earlier that day! That's what you get for impersonating a walking carpet.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blizzard World of Warcraft Costume Contest

Blood Elves at BlizzCon

Last month a convention called BlizzCon took place in Anaheim, CA. Blizzard is the company that makes the online multiplayer game called World of Warcraft and this is their convention. That's the downlow for those of you who don't already know. And my guess is most of you reading this might have already known about WOW since it is one of the most popular games in the world with something like 8 million users.

In the game, you make your own character and you have a few different fanatasy characters to choose from, like elves, dwarves, and such. All types of characters based on original Tolkien like ideas further developed in the D&D world.
All of these fantasy characters lend themselves to great costume ideas and the participants are extremely creative. The combination of these two things makes for one of the best costume competitions I have ever seen in my life! (And I have seen quite a number of them!)
And here is a series of 3 videos of the costume contest. The videos might be a bit long, but for anyone who loves costumes or the game, they are well worth it. Each costume is better than the one before it. There are about 150 entrants and not a dud among them. (Except for maybe Chuck Norris!) Kudos to all the entrants for your amazing talent and imagination to boot.

BlizzCon Costume Contest Part 1:

BlizzCon Costume Contest Part 2:

BlizzCon Costume Contest Part 3:

Which one won the costume contest? See the BlizzCon Costume Contest Winner!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where Did Halloween Come From?

Every year millions of Americans celebrate Halloween. We decorate our houses and our yards to try to make them look as spooky as possible. In recent years the decorations have become more and more elaborate. It is almost as though people are getting into the Halloween decorating with as much fervor as they do at Christmas.

Our children, as well as a lot of adults, dress up in costumes that range from horribly scary to outright funny. Children look forward to Halloween because they love to go out Trick-or-Treating, roaming up and down the neighborhood streets knocking on doors and holding put their treat bags.

Did you ever wonder where the traditions we observe at Halloween came from? What is Halloween really all about? According to an article on the origins of Halloween, contrary to what some people may believe, there was never anything inherently evil about Halloween.
The ideas about witches, the devil and monsters being associated with Halloween are later additions to the holiday we celebrate late in October.

Halloween actually has its roots in the Celtic culture. Many of the traditions we observe today have come straight to us from the Irish. The Romans came along soon after the death of Christ and added their own influences on the already age-old traditions and celebrations. Over time the meanings and observances of Halloween have changed both in function and purpose.

If you'd like to learn more about the origins of this fascinating holiday, visit True Ghost Tales, where you’ll find lots of scary ghost stories and more on the history and origins of Halloween.

And to get in the Halloween spirit, start shopping for this year's costume from the amazing selection of Halloween costumes at http://www.anniescostumes.com/.