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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes

The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes is Hilarious!
The tag Line is "When Good Costumes Go Bad"

You must visit CapnWacky's Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes. It is a laugh riot! Not only are the pictures funny, but his comments are even funnier! All quotes here are from Cap'n Wacky.

A few of my favorites:

C3PO Star Wars Costume

My name is C-3P0. I am fluent in over 6 million forms of communication and I do a fantastic Al Jolson impersonation.

Royal Guard Costume

Oh, Royal Guard. That's the last time we let you guard a box of doughnuts!

R2D2 Costume

Looks like Kenny Baker is finally getting too big for the part.

Daryl Hallwalker and John Oatsolo

Ladies and gentlemen, the Parade of Unforuntate Star Wars Costumes is proud to present, Daryl Hallwalker and John Oatsolo's Greatest hits.

1.Sith On My List
3. Sarlacc Smile
5. I Cantina Go For That
6. Did It In a Minoch
7. Private Jedis (Are Watching You)

MC Darth Hammer

Ladies and gentlemen: MC Darth Hammer.

Can't touch this, or won't touch this?

The Wedding Troopers
I love these guys. Because of them, the rest of us will always be able to say, "Sure, I may be kind of a nerd, but at least I didn't have all the groomsmen at my wedding dress as stormtroopers in formal wear.

Thanks for lowering the bar, gentlemen.

To see the entire Star Wars funny costume parade, visit CapnWacky's Site!

For your own Star Wars costume, visit AnniesCostumes.com, maybe you want to take a silly photo to send to Capn Wacky, or maybe you want to use his list as a guideline of what NOT to do with your Star Wars Costume!

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