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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where Did Halloween Come From?

Every year millions of Americans celebrate Halloween. We decorate our houses and our yards to try to make them look as spooky as possible. In recent years the decorations have become more and more elaborate. It is almost as though people are getting into the Halloween decorating with as much fervor as they do at Christmas.

Our children, as well as a lot of adults, dress up in costumes that range from horribly scary to outright funny. Children look forward to Halloween because they love to go out Trick-or-Treating, roaming up and down the neighborhood streets knocking on doors and holding put their treat bags.

Did you ever wonder where the traditions we observe at Halloween came from? What is Halloween really all about? According to an article on the origins of Halloween, contrary to what some people may believe, there was never anything inherently evil about Halloween.
The ideas about witches, the devil and monsters being associated with Halloween are later additions to the holiday we celebrate late in October.

Halloween actually has its roots in the Celtic culture. Many of the traditions we observe today have come straight to us from the Irish. The Romans came along soon after the death of Christ and added their own influences on the already age-old traditions and celebrations. Over time the meanings and observances of Halloween have changed both in function and purpose.

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