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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We've Still Got the (Saturday Night) Fever After 30 Years

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Saturday Night Fever was just released and according to one review, we’ve still got the Fever after all these years!

Released in a 30th Anniversary Edition, the film still holds up as not just THE 1970s film as far as fashion and music but a rough, tragic coming of age story that any generation can relate to and perhaps be inspired by. In the role that made him a worldwide icon, John Travolta plays Tony Manero. The only thing that keeps the 19- year old Brooklyn kid and his friends alive and hopeful is Saturday night. On Saturday nights, they get dressed up and blow all their money at the disco.

Much of Fever’s aura comes from the Bee Gee’s music, which still is immensely enjoyable and how Travolta moves with it. The Fever soundtrack remains the top selling soundtrack of all time and is a staple at any club or house party.

The film has been called the first “dance” film that paved the way for other Travolta films like Urban Cowboy (1980), the ill-fated sequel to Fever; Staying Alive (1983) and the more successful iconic dance films of the 80s like Flashdance (1983), Footloose (1984), and Dirty Dancing (1987).

The new extras include the 52 minute retrospective documentary about the Fever phenomenon including the music, disco craze, fashion and how the film still holds up after 30 years. It includes interviews with ALL the cast and crewmembers EXCEPT for Travolta. His absence is never explained.

Fever was a huge turning point for American fashion as well as music. The film marked the shift from shaggy hairdos to perfectly coiffed, hairsprayed dos, gold neck chains, polyester shirts, platform shoes, and of course the three-piece white leisure suit that Travolta immortalized in the dance contest finale.

It’s not every film that can still pack a punch after 30 years but Saturday Night Fever is still as potent and as alive as it was back in 1977.Celebrate the Disco Era and the 30th anniversary release of Saturday Night Fever this Halloween! Blow out your hair and pick up a Night Fever Costume from Anniescostumes.com and hit the pavement. Can you just hear the Bee Gees singing Stayin’ Alive as you strut your stuff?

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