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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tron Legacy Movie Trailer Just Released!

Just released at Comic-Con: Tron Legacy Movie Trailer!

This will surely be one of the most popular (and coolest) costumes for 2010!

Very excited and can't wait to see this in theaters in Disney Digital 3-D on top of it all!

And while there is no official Ton movie costume at this time, a great substitute to get that glowing look are our Glow Man Costumes!

Glowing Light Costumes

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just In! GI Joe Movie Costumes!

New GI Joe Costumes just in for the upcoming and exciting GI Joe action film called GI Joe, Rise of Cobra!

First in stock is the ninja costume for Shadow Storm. The Shadow Storm costume is available in both child and adult sizes.

Child GI Joe Costume
Deluxe Child Shadow Storm G. I. Joe Costume

Adult G I Joe Costume
Deluxe Adult Shadow Storm G. I. Joe Costume

GI Joe costumes will be among the most popular and sought after costumes this Halloween. Both kids and adults will be donning GI Joe costumes this Halloween.

More GI Joe costumes are coming soon, including the popular Snake Eye Black Ninja Costume!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1970's Costume Party Ideas

1970s Costume
1970s Disco Costume1970s Hippie Costumes

1970s Hippie Chick Costume1970's Hippie Costume Flower Child

1970's Costumes!

Many people always ask what we do all year when its not Halloween. There are so many parties and events always going on that we stay pretty busy all year long.

1970's theme parties have been really popular this year. A theme party where everyone is to come dressed up is always so much fun. Attending a 1970's theme party would mean coming dressed as a hippie or a love child. Think Greatful Dead, tie died tees and bell bottom jeans. Jimmie Hendrix big afro wigs, or long flowing locks with no bangs and a rainbow headband. Sound familiar? Ring a 70's bell? The 1970's was the era of The Disco, so hand your disco ball and get funky! What a fun party idea!

Check out some 1970's Costumes and Hippie Costume Accessories at AnniesCostumes.com and see some great 70's style wigs at ExtremeWigs.com.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Comic-Con Costume Discount

Getting ready to head to Comic-Con? Well, dressing the part is half the fun! Make sure to get your costumes ready for Comic-Con. Full costumes for all types of comic book and superheros are available at AnniesCostumes.com. We also carry plenty of costume accessories to complete you home made Comic-Con costume. Wigs, makeup, shoes, boots, and every type of costume accessory imaginable is available through our network of websites. And now you can get ready to go to Comic-Con in costumed style at a discount!

Use coupon code CON to receive 10% off our already super low prices!

Not going to Comic-Con? That's ok! This discount code is available for any convention or any reason at all! But hurry! The coupon offer ends July 31, 2009.

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