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Friday, July 24, 2009

Just In! GI Joe Movie Costumes!

New GI Joe Costumes just in for the upcoming and exciting GI Joe action film called GI Joe, Rise of Cobra!

First in stock is the ninja costume for Shadow Storm. The Shadow Storm costume is available in both child and adult sizes.

Child GI Joe Costume
Deluxe Child Shadow Storm G. I. Joe Costume

Adult G I Joe Costume
Deluxe Adult Shadow Storm G. I. Joe Costume

GI Joe costumes will be among the most popular and sought after costumes this Halloween. Both kids and adults will be donning GI Joe costumes this Halloween.

More GI Joe costumes are coming soon, including the popular Snake Eye Black Ninja Costume!


lisagee1234 said...

This is one my son would love. Anything where he can carry his swords.

Night Owl Mama said...

Costumes are super cool My son and hubby would love these they look more like Samori than G.I Joe I thought he was army

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I watched Joe as a kid and now my kids can too