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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1970's Costume Party Ideas

1970s Costume
1970s Disco Costume1970s Hippie Costumes

1970s Hippie Chick Costume1970's Hippie Costume Flower Child

1970's Costumes!

Many people always ask what we do all year when its not Halloween. There are so many parties and events always going on that we stay pretty busy all year long.

1970's theme parties have been really popular this year. A theme party where everyone is to come dressed up is always so much fun. Attending a 1970's theme party would mean coming dressed as a hippie or a love child. Think Greatful Dead, tie died tees and bell bottom jeans. Jimmie Hendrix big afro wigs, or long flowing locks with no bangs and a rainbow headband. Sound familiar? Ring a 70's bell? The 1970's was the era of The Disco, so hand your disco ball and get funky! What a fun party idea!

Check out some 1970's Costumes and Hippie Costume Accessories at AnniesCostumes.com and see some great 70's style wigs at ExtremeWigs.com.


Night Owl Mama said...

O my gosh LOL I love the 1st set

cindiizzy said...

I would love for my whole family to dress up like this for halloween! Or even have a '70s costume party would be a great idea.

Abby said...

Oh my goodness I love the 70s jumpsuit!

Kristy said...

These Hippy costumes are great, my whole family could get into it! I love all the sets!

cdziuba said...

This really is fantastic, what a fun way to pay tribute to that decade, great costumes.

The McDougles said...

Those look so fun! I wish I was going to a 70s costume party but at the moment I'd need a maternity one :)

Bella said...

Those are SO cute compared to what is sold at stores!