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Friday, September 05, 2008

2008 Top Halloween Costume Videos on YouTube

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is on the way and we have the video proof to show it! Here are some of the top Halloween Costumes for 2008. So, think of this video as a preview of who will be knocking at your door this Halloween!

Popular Halloween Costumes for 2008:

We actually threw a Halloween Party and invited some friends, dressed them up and video-ed the whole thing. So you can get an idea of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2008 and see the Halloween party fun first hand!

All the costumes here can be seen on Extreme Halloween's Yop Halloween Costume List for 2008: www.extremehalloween.com/tophalloween.htm

All the costumes listed are available for sale (at a great price, I might add!) at www.AnniesCostumes.com

Stay tuned for some behind the scenes pics and recipes for the party snack we served!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Cool site! Look forward to reading more from you!


Josh Lasser said...

I’m definitely not someone to dress up for Halloween, my daughter however is already ready with her costume (Cinderella). Over at UnSpun, where they’re asking for people to vote on top Halloween costumes for kids, a Ghost costume is currently the most popular for kids but who knows if that'll last as we get closer to the date.

LXRemmix said...

Those kid costumes were absolutely adorable!!! I always wanted to throw a sweet Top Halloween Costumes party like that! My sister actually likes cows a lot too, so that 'comical cow costume' might be a good idea this Halloween!