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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Forget the princess and pumpkin - trendy parents prefer unique baby Halloween costumes

Baby Lobster CostumeScarecrow costumes for babies, pea in the pod costumes and baby lobster are top picks for this year!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) August 29, 2006 - They may not be able to trick or treat yet, but your little ones are sure to look sweet in Unique Baby Halloween Costumes.

Rather than one more Yoda or Cinderella running around, moms and dads are looking for unique baby costumes so their little ones don't look like every other baby at the party.
Shari McConahay, Vice President of Marketing for leading Halloween Costume website www.AnniesCostumes.com, said their variety of unique baby Halloween costumes are appealing to many parents.

"I was just speaking with a customer who said that our unique selection was important to her because one year her son was a care bear and none of the parents at a party could tell who their child was," she said "There were so may care bears, they had to identify their kids by their shoes."
So, forget the old classic pumpkin or princess costume for your baby this year, and instead try these ideas to stand out this Halloween:

The Baby Lobster: Look good enough to eat in this bunting costume that includes stuffed claws, tail and tentacles. http://anniescostumes.com/walkeranimal.htm

Pea in the Pod: Your baby is sure to stand out in the "crop" with this adorable Halloween costume. This costume is available in standard and deluxe models in bunting size for newborn.
The deluxe version has removable foam peas: http://anniescostumes.com/newbornchar.htm

Rock a Bye Baby: Any Rock & Roll star would be proud of any baby wearing this unique baby Halloween costume that includes a hat with attached hair, bunting with attached feet and stuffed arms with guitar. Bunting has hidden sleeve openings for baby's real hands, and has an easy open Velcro bottom. http://anniescostumes.com/newbornchar.htm

Scarecrow costume for baby: Dorothy, Toto and the Tin Man won't be far behind this baby with smarts. Costume includes top, pants, rope belt and hat. http://anniescostumes.com/walkermas.htm

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