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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who Wants to Be a Super Hero?

Who Wants to Be A Super Hero?Super Hero CostumesThe latest reality show talent search is on! Who Wants to be a Super Hero? is the newest reality show now airing on the Sci Fi Channel. Created and hosted by the comic book master & legend himself, Stan Lee. Of course, the Super Hero Costume is a big component of any superhero. So important in fact, when Stan Lee deems a contestant unworthy, his parting line is: "Turn in Your Costume"! AnniesCostumes.com stocks super hero costumes for anyone in all sizes, child & adult. Annies has costumes for super heroes that are well known (like Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) as well as super hero costumes that maybe aren't well known yet; but once you create your own look, who knows what can happen. There are thousands of costumes and costume accessory combinations, the possibilities are endless. So, be creative and make your own super hero costume today!

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