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Thursday, November 01, 2007

What to do with all that Halloween Candy??

Candy CornSo Halloween night is over and your sugar rush is still on high speed! Here's an awesome idea for using up some of your Halloween candy and still keeping the Halloween spirit and celebration going strong:

Make a chocolate and candy Haunted House centerpiece for your Halloween party this weekend!
  • Chocolate Hershey bars made great walls and roof.

  • Nonpareils make great shingles on your roof.

  • Line up a Candy Corn fence

  • Jelly Beans create a stone pathway effect.

  • "Fun Size" candy bars like Snickers and Baby Ruth make great coffins in the graveyard.

  • Orange slices can be the headstones.

  • Pumpkin and Ghost Marshmallow Peeps and gummy worms are a haunted addition to the graveyard.

  • Mix and match from whatever candy you have leftover- be creative and have fun!

For more details, see the full recipe and instructions on the FoodNetwork.com

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