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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Joke's On You if You Miss April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day gags
Last minute shipping is still available to get you your gags, jokes and magic tricks to you in time to play April Fool's Day pranks on all your friends, co-workers and family members too!

Besides all the fun costumes, that you can dress up in and fool your friends, we also have some great gag assortment packs. [See pictured above.] It includes classics like rattle snake eggs and a whoopie cushion, a shocking pen, fake lotter tickets (every one is a winner), and see that bagel? There is a fake roach under it - one of the greatest gags of all time! The gag packs will bring you hours of fun and will last well past April 1st.

When we had our retail store, we always kept a trick bagel on the front counter. All I know, is too bad that was before the days of video cameras everywhere and YouTube, because we would have had tons of funny incidents to post.

The roach part is great because when you lift the bagel, the rubber little roach moves and appears to be real. So many funny memories from that silly thing!

So get yours now and start making funny memories, scaring people and grossing them out!

If gags are not your idea of tricking someone on April Fool's Day, head over to The Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop and get some magic tricks. You can amaze and mystify your friends!

Order your gags and tricks with next day shipping by 2pm EST and your package will be delivered before the end of business on Monday. Choose Second Day shipping to receive your package by end of business on Tuesday April, 1st!

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