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Monday, June 16, 2008

Announcing Annie's Costumes New iBusiness Logic eBay Store

Annie's Costumes eBay Store

AnniesCostumes.com has been selling online since 1996 and for many years we have offered a few items on Ebay from time to time. Now with our new eBay stores design featuring Frooition eBay Stores technology and iBussinessLogic graphics we will always have great costume deals up on eBay, both in our store and close out auction prices.

So check out the spiffy new Annie's Costumes eBay store and get yourself a great costume deal today!

Special thanks to my awesome internet marketing consultant, Jay Berkowitz from Ten Golden Rules for introducing us to Scott Pooler and the iBusinessLogic team. You can see both of these Internet gurus at eBay Live in Chicago later on this week!

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