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Monday, April 06, 2009

Costumes to Mock a Failing Economy

Some of the best Halloween costumes are topical to current events, often mocking those who make news headlines. 13Above.com made a list of the Top 10 Costumes for the Financial Crisis.

Its always a good idea to pick your Halloween costume from current events and have it catapult you from the headlines to the front of the stage at the Halloween costume contests this year!

This is one sure way to capitalize off of the failing economy! Here are my 5 favorites, see 13Above.com for all 10!

1. AIG Executive

You'll need a fluffy robe and a respectable manicure.


--Spa slippers
--Clay facial mask
--Fluffy slippers
--AIG "Hi My Name Is..." sticker badge

2. Cowboy Capitalism

Dress up in a business suit but with a cowboy hat and boots. Sport a black eye.


--Adult beverage in a brown bag

3. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

A guy and a gal dress up as drunken sailors in the style of Raggedy Ann and Andy.


--Bottles of booze
--Toy houses

6. Golden Parachute

Put on a jumpsuit (preferably gold). Then spray-paint a trash bag gold and attach parachute strings.


--Affix giant dollar sign to chest
--Safety goggles or golden superhero mask, depending on taste (I like these money glasses, personally)
--Play money tucked into belt and pockets.

4. Mortgage-Backed Security

Strap a small, plastic child's play house on your back.


--Wrap two bike chains across your chest
--Makeup to turn face black and blue

5. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson

Get a sharp looking suit, bald cap, rimless spectacles.


--Toy bazooka

--Assistant Secretary Neel Kashkari "mini me" doll.

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Zachary said...

wow! Great pics. Simply the best