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Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's Time for Comic Con - Do You Know Where Your Favorite Costumes Are?

Every year for Comic Con is San Diego, I am always on the watch for all the great costume ideas and trends that emerge from this ever - growing convention. What started out as a comic book affair has now turned into a star clad, movie star fiesta and a complete phenomenon in itself! I have scoured the web for you to find some of the best, weirdest and most fun Comic-Con costume creations!

Check out MaximumPC.com - they have a gallery of 600 (YES SIX HUNDRED!) costumes of Comic-Con! Here is just a small sample:

Comic Con Costumes

According to MTV's Splash Page on Comic Con Costumes, "Rorschach and Wolverine were the most frequent costumes seen around the show floor, there were also a good share of video game and anime characters, as well as movie characters and, of course, the requisite amount of comic book heroes and villains." Check out their Comic Con Costume Gallery!

Big Shiny Robot's top 5 best costumes of Comic Con:
Planet of the Apes Costumes at Comic Con

12 Costume Fails from Comic Con
- this one is hilarious! You've gotta check it out!

Funny Costumes from Comic Con.

Did you know? This year was Comic Con's 35th Annual Masquerade contest!

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