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Monday, February 08, 2010

New Makeup Tips on Rachael Ray Today

Makeup Tips as Seen on The Rachael Ray Show

Today on the Rachael Ray Show was "Tips Day" a day of all kinds of tips from viewers and experts on everything from food & cooking, to health, to beauty even how to keep ants out of your house!

Beauty experts Gretta Monahan and Mally Roncal had a "Tip Off" to see who had the best beauty secret. In my opinion, they both won! Here are the beauty tips:

From Mally: Combat tired eyes by using a shimmering silver or pink shadow on the inside points of your eyes and where the socket meets your nose. Using concealer to cover under eye darkness is well known, but women often overlook this inner area.
Makeup tips to combat tired eyes.

From Gretta: For longer lasting lipstick, after brushing on your favorite lip color, set it with the same color blush! Use the same or similar color and a large brush to brush on just a bit of blush to set the color, then apply your lip gloss over that. It will make your lipstick have lasting color and lasting power!
Makeup tips for longer lasting lipstick

From Mally: Make your natural hair makeup brushes last a lifetime! You should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once per month if not every other week using baby shampoo. But you can also condition your natural hair makeup brushes with your favorite hair conditioner. Just put a dab of condition on the brush, rub it in and rinse in a dish of water. Also, do not put your brushes tip side up in a cup to dry, lay them on a towel with the handle side up higher so that the water will drain off rather than go into the base of the brush and loosen the glue.
makeup tips to make your makeup brushes last longer

From Gretta: How to keep your eye shadow on long with out fading! Use lip balm on your eyes before brushing on your eye shadow. The eye shadow will stay in place and will not lose color!
makeup tips for long lasting eye shadow

From Mally: Tip for eyebrow pencils: your eyebrow pencil color should be a shade lighter than your actual eye brow hair color. This applies to all hair colors except silver or very fair blonde.
Eyebrow pencil color tips

From Gretta: Beauty tip for dry hair and dry scalp: add a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo!

To see a video demo of the tips, go to RachaelRay.com

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