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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V and The Last Tour to Endor

Star Wars Celebration Orlando

This past weekend marked the 5th Annual Star Wars convention known as Star Wars Celebration V and it also marked "The Last Tour to Endor" as Disney Hollywood Studios is shutting down the attraction for a much needed renovation and upgrade!

Last Tour to Endor Moon
HollywoodNews.com reports about the current Tour to Endor attraction:
It’s an adequate diversion, and it’s air-conditioned. But it’s also inexcusably outdated. My six-year-old son doesn’t care, of course. He sees C3PO, R2D2 and a few lightsabers, so his day is made. But a close friend who’d also recently vacationed at Disney couldn’t stop ripping on “Star Tours,” and Lucas, for ignoring the ride for so many years. There are no references to Lucas’s three prequel films, all of which came out after “Star Tours” opened. The videos shown to patrons as they wait haven’t changed in decades. In general, the ride isn’t a fair representation of the “Star Wars” world.

At least, it wasn’t. Until now.

“Star Tours” in Orlando is shutting down for renovations, but not before “Star Wars” fans send it off with a stellar party. “Last Tour to Endor” will be held on Saturday, Aug. 14, at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.
Starwars.com announced last month in their special invitation to be "First Among the Last".
With a heaping helping of Disney magic, the Star Wars galaxy will descend upon Walt Disney World Resort from 8pm - 1am on Aug. 14, 2010 for an exclusive party to let fans of the sci-fi saga provide a special send-off to Star Tours before the popular attraction "powers down" in preparation for a new, 3-D Star Wars adventure that will open in 2011 at Disneyland park in California and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida.

But before the blaster doors on the attraction close temporarily, Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park will host "Last Tour to Endor," an after-hours, private event that will feature live entertainment, Disney characters in their favorite Star Wars attire, a special Star Wars-themed fireworks spectacular, the "Death Star Disco," Jedi Training Academy, Star Wars trivia challenges and more.

And yes, Darth Vader may even moonwalk.
Darth Vader Dancing at the Last Tour to Endor Celebration

Stay tuned to http://www.starwarscelebration.com/ for more news on next year's Star Wars Celebration Convention 2011. You can follow them on Twitter to keep up to date: http://twitter.com/sw_celebration
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Star Wars is by far the best movie series ever made. Thank you for this blog, I came across this and it brought a smile to my face.

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