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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Top Halloween Costume Searches Not Always The Most Popular Costumes Purchased

I have been pondering about top costume searches vs. top costume sales since there are so many articles floating around the last couple weeks touting the "most popular Halloween costumes", but since I have an insider look at the industry, I see a different view of it. Not just this year, but every year, there is always a popular costume idea that is searched for excessively because it is not available commercially. Sometimes the popular idea is a celebrity, and when a celebrity doesn't have a signature outfit or signature look, it is hard to get a Halloween costume for that person. This is the case with Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Katie Perry and many of the other "popular Halloween costume searches". If you don't resemble the celebrity in some way, it is really hard to portray them since they don't always wear the same thing. These celebrity search terms for Halloween become inflated when people a continuously looking for them on the search engines, whereas other popular costumes that are commercially available are found instantly and do not prompt additional searches in the search engines. The same goes for costumes that are commercially available but ran in short supply towards the end of October, such as Lady Gaga costumes, Cookie Monster costumes (a sleeper hit that demand was much greater than could have been anticipated), and Angry Birds - also short on supply with most retailers nation wide. However, many of the actual top selling costumes, are not highly searched for, presumably because they are easily found at online retailers or in retail stores before the consumer even took to the internet to find them. Some of the top sellers for us this year:

Ghost Costumes were the top category of sellers with a nod to classic Halloween.
Harry Potter Costumes & Accessories
Cookie Monster Costume
Batman Costume
Twister Costume
Nightmare Black Widow Costume
Female Pimp Costume
Greek Goddess Costume
Scooby Doo Costume
Zombie Costumes

I am wondering if this search phenomenon is the case in other retail categories as well. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween regardless of what you dressed up as!

Here are the articles I read that were showing "top Halloween costume searches" not necessarily "top selling Halloween costumes"


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