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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

April Brings More Reasons to Dress Up!

Just a few weeks till April and two fun holidays to dress up for!

Are you a trickster, jester, or clown? Then April Fool's Day is the holiday for you! On April 1st dress up in costume for whatever it is you are a fool for! Love food, dress up as a Hershey's kiss, hotdog, or McDonald's french fries! Want to show your foolish character? Show off a tattoo sleeve for the day or choose from a wide of clown and jester costumes just for you!

Are you a prankster? Give someone gum to turn their mouth blue, a bagel with a roach in it, a winning lottery ticket, or pen that shocks them! Want more? Check out the great selection of magic at this magic website: Wizard's Apprentice Magic Shop.

Easter Sunday is April 8th. Have an Easter Day party and tell everyone to dress up as their favorite Easter character! Adults can dress up as an Easter bunny, Spring chicken, a sexy bunny, or a biblical character. Kids and babies can join the fun too! Let them choose from a bunny wabbit, little bunny, baby chick, rubber ducky, or biblical costume! To see the entire collection of costumes for Easter, go to EasterBunnyCostumes.com.

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