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Friday, March 30, 2007

Are you Ready For Easter?

With Easter just a week away there's lots to be done to prepare for the festivities of the day!

While you shop for goodies for Easter baskets, dye eggs with the children and plan an Easter egg hunt, don't forget the Eater costumes! Whether you're looking for infant or children costumes or adult costumes, we have it all!

For the infants and children we have a tons to choose from like a bunny wabbit, little bunny, baby chick, rubber ducky, or biblical costume! And for the adults we have traditional Easter bunny, Spring chicken and biblical character costumes. For those ladies and gentleman that want a non-tradional costume check out our smoking jackets and sexy bunny costumes.

To see the entire collection of costumes for Easter, go to EasterBunnyCostumes.com.

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