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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Costumes for Kids In Iraq

Hunter is a Super Hero in My Book!
I came across this article last month about Hunter Hotaling, a 6 year old boy [pictured above]who undertook the challenge of sending 100 superhero costumes to the children of Iraq. Even though, they did not ask me, I love this idea and sent some super hero costumes to help out Hunter on his mission.

Hunter's mission is to help his father, Capt. Andrew Hotaling, and the captain's military transition team bring smiles to the faces of Iraqi children.

According to information provided in a press release, Hunter's endeavor began when he asked his mother, Mary Anne, if he could join the Army. Hunter told his mom that he did not want to fight, he said he wanted to be the "chore guy."

After receiving an e-mail from his dad to send leftover Halloween costumes to Iraq, Hunter set a goal to gather 100 costumes.

His mom said e-mails were sent out across the nation and within a month Hunter met his goal.

I am happy to know that we helped Hunter and in turn, helped the children in Iraq by bringing them the joy of fantasy and letting them know that they are super too!

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