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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feature on the Costume Designer for Stargate Atlantis

I am a big Stargate Fan and when this article about their costume designer and costumes made its way into my inbox last September, I was excited to see some behind the scenes info on one of my favorite shows. However, I was quite upset to find a major plot spoiler in the story! I like to find out things as they happen in the shows that I watch, so I have held onto the article and now that everyone else knows that my favorite tv doctor Carson Beckett is back, I can, in good conscience, tell you all about the costumes and the costume designer, Valerie Halverson.

Stargate Atlantis Costume Design

Costume design is a key craft that helps to tell a story on film. Different from fashion design, a costume designer’s work first starts with the script. Designers have to possess an inherent sense of fashion, storytelling and being able to relate the actors with their assigned characters.

Resourcefulness is a key trait for many designers, who assemble skilled crew with every imaginable talent, jewelry and boot makers, leather smiths, ager-dyers, embroiderers, milliners, cutters, seamstresses and pattern-makers.

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