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Monday, June 14, 2010

Instructions for Applying Tattoo Cover Makeup

Applying tattoo cover up makeup is easy and it really works!

Extreme Halloween's makeup site: www.StageandTheaterMakeup.com carries 3 different brands of tattoo concealing makeup:

Here are the tattoo cover up instructions:

Choose a tattoo cover up shade that is close to your natural skin color, if it is close, go a shade lighter than your skin color. Apply the tattoo concealer with your fingers or a sponge. Then apply foundation that matches your skin tone of the surrounding area around your tattoo and blend in. Lastly, apply setting powder to make the makeup smudge proof. If you think you need extra smudge proofing, try Ben Nye's Final Seal spray over the area to prevent smudging or running.

Before picture:
Tattoo Needing to be Covered

Applying tattoo cover:
Tattoo Cover Up

After blending with foundation:
Cover up tattoo makeup

These pictures are using Ben Nye tatoo cover concealer makeup.

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