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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tattoo Cover Up Instructions

Instructions for applying Mehron's Tattoo Cover Up Makeup.

This is tattoo cover that really works!

Follow the steps labeled and pictured above to achieve flawless coverage to hide your tattoos from sight!

Additional tattoo cover up tips:

Tattoo Cover Ring Makeup

Choose the tattoo cover that is closes to your skin color of the skin surrounding your tattoo that you want to cover. It's ok if the color does not match exactly, choose a shade lighter than your skin. Then choose the cream foundation that does match your skin to blend it in. Use Colorset Powder in between the tattoo cover and then again after the creme foundation to set the makeup, matte it, and make is smudge proof.
Colorset Setting Powder

For additional smudge proof coverage, try Mehron's Barrier Spray over your finished tattoo cover to make the makeup completely sweat proof and smudge proof.
Barrier Spray™

Always carry your tattoo cover up supplies with you if you are at an event where you don't want your tattoos to show, this way in case any accidental rub off can be covered up.

Mehron Makeup is a brand you can trust! It has been around for 80+ years!

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