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Monday, October 02, 2006

New trend in costumes: Halloween maternity clothes

The Bun Maker Costume Bun in the Oven Maternity Costume

Halloween costumes for pregnant women let expectant moms join in the fun

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) Oct. 3, 2006 – Moms-to-be: don't be spooked by the Halloween holiday -- leading Halloween Website ExtremeHalloween.com is proud to offer a variety of Halloween maternity clothes so you don't have to feel left out of the fun.

Most pregnant women will agree finding a Halloween costume to fit their bulging belly can be a real trick. However, Extreme Halloween has a treat for those desperate moms-to-be .

“It’s not easy finding comfortable clothes that fit when you’re pregnant, so we found Halloween costumes for pregnant women that are both fun and practical,” said Shari McConahay, Vice President of Marketing ExtremeHalloween.com. “We have Halloween maternity clothes that can camouflage a pregnancy or Halloween maternity costumes that flaunt a growing belly.”

ExtremeHalloween.com’s Halloween maternity costumes range from comical, to traditional to sexy. Got a bun in the oven? Then why not be a bun in the oven for Halloween? Feeling hot? Strut your stuff as a “hot mamma.” Or let everyone know just how you feel with the HELLO I'm . . . Name Tag outfit. You fill in the blank with your own saying.

This year’s top-selling maternity clothes include The Bun in the Oven & the Bun Maker matching couples maternity costumes. McConahay, identified other hot Halloween maternity clothes based on website sales including: the Geisha costumes, Statue of Liberty, and the Angel of Stars.

“Halloween maternity clothes tend to follow the same trend as women’s Halloween costumes,” McConahay said. “This year we’re seeing a trend towards humorous costumes and matching couples costumes. Period pieces such as roman era costumes and renaissance costumes are also popular choices for pregnant women.”

Looking for a Halloween costume idea? See a complete list of the Halloween maternity costumes at http://www.extremehalloween.com/maternitycostumes.htm

*** Congrats to all expectant mothers from the Extreme Halloween Family to YOURS! ***

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