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Monday, October 16, 2006

What's Hot and Sexy with this Year's Naughty Halloween Costumes

Cutthroat Pirate Costume Treasure Hunting Pirate Costume Judge Julie Sexy Plus Size Costume

Sexy male costumes, naughty women's costumes, and sexy plus size costumes…find the best prices on sexy costumes from Annie's Costumes.

Be fun, flirty and sexy this Halloween with this year's naughty Halloween costumes. AnniesCostumes.com, a complete online resource of Halloween costumes and accessories for adults, carries the hottest sexy male costumes, naughty women's costumes, and sexy plus size costumes. With Halloween just around the corner, Annie's Costumes can help you find the best prices on sexy costumes.

"What's hot and sexy with this year's naughty Halloween costumes?," asked Shari McConahay, Vice President of Marketing for leading Halloween costume website http://www.AnniesCostumes.com, "The popular favorites are sexy pirate costumes and naughty superheroes because of the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest and Superman Returns."

Shiver me timbers! Hoist the Black Flag…the naughty pirate ladies are here. Treasure Hunting Pirate Costume and Black Lacey Pirate Lady show that the men have nothing on the women when it comes to be a sexy pirate. Male costumes are also available for men who want to sail the seven seas this Halloween, choose from Cutthroat Pirate or Buccaneer Costume.

Looking for an excuse to rip off your clothes and be the Man of Steel? Reversible Clark Kent/Superman Returns Costume lets men do exactly that as the leader in sexy male costumes. Ladies, don't feel left out…the Sexy Supergirl costume lets you join in the naughty superhero fun.
"Pirates and superheroes aren't the only naughty Halloween costumes flying off the shelves," McConahay adds, "Law enforcement, military and convict sexy costumes are still popular favorites."

No man is going to argue about being pulled over by a lady wearing the Hottie Police Costume. And when he's taken to court and put before Judge Julie, one of top selling sexy plus size costumes, he'll be happy to be flashed with her 'guilty' miniskirt. Once he's in prison, he can hang out with the Jailhouse hotties in their naughty Halloween costumes.

Naughty Halloween costumes at Annie's Costumes come in many sizes. Women's naughty costume size range is petite (size 3 -5) up to 3X plus. And sexy male costumes come in small thru XL.

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cha said...

Like your sexy clothes,

would you like a naughty dude to punish? if you do send me a email and a picture if you want at: chazzie-13-1993@hotmail.co.uk