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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Do Halloween Costumes Mean About You?

Here is something fun for Halloween! A fun Article I found at Love on AOL

Exposed: What His Halloween Costume Could Mean
By Margot Carmichael LesterCourtesy of Match.com's Happen magazine

Dates & Hidden Meanings. Know what your date is really saying by the date venue he/she chooses. Know the message up front and get some tips to make it interesting -- just in case your date isn't.

Here's a look at 10 popular Halloween costumes and what they may tell you about your man:

No.1 Peter Pan Upside: Brings out the kid in you, doesn't take himself too seriously Downside: Won't grow up And: May look better in tights than you do

No. 2 Super Hero Upside: Strong, willing to put his life on the line for you Downside: Spends too much time on other things and not enough on you And: A tragic flaw or Achille's heel -- has a secret identity or may think your family's Kryptonite

No. 3 Casper or Cousin It Upside: Appreciates the value of simple elegance Downside: Needs something to hide behind, is afraid of letting you see him for who he is And: Is visible only at night

No. 4 The Devil Upside: Fulfills your naughtiness quotient, good libido Downside: Loose morals, no ethics And: Eternal damnation

No. 5 Frankenstein's Monster Upside: Tall and dark Downside: Not so handsome And: Townfolk with torches always ruin quiet evenings alone

No. 6 Caveman Upside: Looks hot in a loin cloth, a good provider Downside: Evolutionarily challenged, sexist And: Drags you home by your hair

No. 7 Clown Upside: Keeps you laughing Downside: Won't take anything seriously And: Has fun and interesting friends

No. 8 Count Dracula Upside: Loves the nightlife Downside: Being with him sucks And: No mirrors

No. 9 Houdini Upside: Being with him is magic Downside: Knows how to make himself disappear And: Never around when you need him

No. 10 Elvis Upside: Serenades you regularly Downside: Insists on fried banana sandwiches for every meal But: Knows how to use those hips

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