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Friday, May 23, 2008

Star Wars Images from the Web

With Universal Day of the Jedi approaching, here is a tribute to Star Wars from fans through pictures from my friends at The-TruckstoP.com:

Star Wars fandom certainly has grown exponentially since the Internet came our way. It's opened the doorway for custom made items (costumes and figures) by fans, fan films, and of course, fan art. & with two months to go until Universal Day of the Jedi, I figured I would take a look at 10 of the coolest Star Wars pics online that you may not have seen.

There's a variety of pictures that I've selected. Some of them are just awesome compositions that add to the saga, others are humorous, and others are just, well, just cool and odd. Click on the images for the full sizes. Here we go:

10. Sith Lords Rock

Sith Lords Rock

I'm not sure who made this one - but was obviously made in homage to another one, Star Wars Rocks, you'll see shortly. I just like the idea of Maul and Vader bringing the noise together. Mosh, anyone?

9. Temptation of Jedi

Temptation of Jedi

I've always gravitated towards the artworks of Salvador Dali, so I couldn't help but share this one as well - an awesome abstract composition. This artwork is by Hanelle aka Elle from Fark - and was one of the winning entries in Fark's 2005 Photoshop contest.

8. Dark Leia

Dark Leia

In the world of Star Wars, with Infinities and fan fiction, there's always a realm for non-canon alternative concepts. Here's one pic in that vein that grabbed my attention. Daddy's little girl is more than just a princess in this one.

7. Attack of the Muppets

Attack of the Muppets

Worth1000.com has had a few Star Wars related Photoshop contests and this was the winning entry from one of them. Very funny stuff - you can go here to check out some more from the contest over at their site. This awesome picture was made by Puffnasty.

6. Southern Falcon

Southern Falcon

If Han and Chewie were from the Southern states... what are those Duke boys up to this time? This pic was found over at x-dezyn.com

5. Star Wars Rocks

Star Wars Rocks

I recently posted this to Digg.com - where it had been edited into a motivator poster. The artwork is by Hugh Fleming and hangs in one of the hallways of ILM. Star Wars does indeed rock.

4. Anakin Vader

Anakin Vader

This classic pic was initially made for a couple of Lucasfilm CD-ROMs that were released just before or around 1999. It's a nice image of the journey Skywalker will take.

3. Squirrel Jedi

Squirrel Jedi

Okay, it's cheesy and a little lame, but it's one seems to be popular on MySpace - some clever Photoshop work there.

2. A Jedi Can Be Anyone

A Jedi Can Be Anyone

Don't trust anyone - stand up and support your Empire.

1. Grief


Possibly the best Star Wars image I've come across online. It perfectly captures Anakin's loss - and realization that he was manipulated into making his mistakes and poor choices for longer than he can remember.

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