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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Star Wars Images from the Web - Part II

Counting down to Universal Day of the Jedi with my friends at The-TrukstoP.com

10 more of the coolest Star Wars images ever made

The first compilation of 10 of the coolest Star Wars images ever made gathered quite some interest. So, bearing that in mind, & with two [days] to go until Universal Day of the Jedi, I figured I would grab some more pics you may not have seen and go for Round 2... or should I say, "Episode II"?

As with the last list, there's a variety of pictures that I've selected: awesome compositions, humorous images, and others. Click on the pics for the full sizes. Here we go:

10. Mr. Toda

Mr. Toda

You have to hand it to the folks over at Worth1000.com. Not only do they have some of the most awesome Photoshop tutorials, but the creativity of their contest entrants is amazing. Mr. Toda, the winning entry of the Celebrity Star Wars contest by mjhaylor, is testament to this. The composition is not only hysterical, but justification for just how outstanding digital art can be. "Gettin' on no spaceship, I am not - pity the fool, I do!"

9. Rockabilly Yoda

Yoda Bass

Someone took the trend set by Sith Lords Rock and Star Wars Rocks, and created Yoda gettin' ready to bring the noise rockabilly style. Fairly creative, worth a mention, and is a pic that seems to be gathering some popularity on MySpace.com.

8. Someone Missed A Meeting


Being a KISS fan, I couldn't help but include this one here. Obviously, someone missed a meeting at some point. This pic was found over at Bloggerheads.com.

7. Jedi Frodo from Hogwarts

Jedi Frodo from Hogwarts

Another Worth1000.com contest entry, this one made by MadWasabi for the Triple Cliche Heck contest: a contest where entrants had to combine elements from three different films into one. This one rated high on the list, and has been included here because it's indicative of a geeky fanboy's wet dream come true.

6. The Real Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress

The Expanded Universe of Star Wars has spawned so many memorable characters, such as Mara Jade, Thrawn, and Xizor... but if there was one character from the Clone Wars era that stands out as a notable EU character, it would be Asajj Ventress. Fans have read about her, seen her on the Clone Wars cartoon, and played as her on the bonus levels from Battlefront II. Every so often, a digital artist comes along that attempts to bring a realism of life to the character - and this composition is of no exception. The above image is part of a series of wallpaper designs at RabitTooth.com.

5. Chewie Cops A Feel

Dirty Wookiee

I am guessing that this photo takes place sometime either when Han wasn't looking, or when he was put in carbonite. Either way, I guess it explains the scene where a very angry Wookiee tries to beat down Xizor's door in Shadows of the Empire, interrupting Xizor and Leia. Sith hath no fury like a Wookiee scorn.

4. Beepity Beep Whistle Crack Splat


This is yet another Worth1000.com image - one from a contest we mentioned in the last list (the one with Attack of the Muppets). Nice photoshop work - very creative. Check out all the other entries here.

3. Female Mandalorian

Female Mandalorian

Expanded Universe fans will remember a few Mandalorian female bounty hunters, such as Ailyn Vel and Mirta Gev, but outside of the EU many fans have tried to visualize female Mandalorian warriors in the past - somewhat unsuccessfully. Most of the renderings I have come across are either cheap rip-offs of Boba Fett's green armor, or pink Mandalorian armor. This image on the other hand is different and unique. It successfully highlights that the women of Mandalore are just as brutal as their male counterparts, and unique. Definitely one of my favorite Star Wars images ever. This image was composed by Tom Hodges (and was included in an issue of Star Wars Insider), and can be seen, along with some other awesome artwork, over at ComicArtFans.com.

2. Wookieevolution


Another Star Wars Insider image, this one made by Randy Martinez, proves two things: evolution is real, and you are not cooler than a Wookiee - period.

1. Gandhi-Yoda


If Ghandi was in Star Wars, he would be Yoda. This image was made by paraloid, and was the theme post (the image to get the ideas going for contestants) in the Star Wars Celebrities contest at Worth1000.com - the same contest Mr. Toda came from. I love this picture not only because it is well made, but because both identities - Ghandi and Yoda - share many similarities.

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