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Thursday, May 08, 2008

What Type of Makeup is Best for Face Painting?

One of the most frequently asked questions about our makeup is about makeup for face painting. Here are two top suggestions on which makeup to use when painting kids faces.

Aqua Crayons Face Paint

1. Aqua Crayons by Johnny Brown: These are used with water to activate the highly pigmented color crayon and will dry on the kids' faces, so they won't smudge too easily and the makeup is removed with soap and water.
Aqua Color Face Paint Palette
2. Ben Nye Aqua Paint Palettes: These palettes come in 6 or 12 palettes and have a section to mix the paints to make secondary colors. You will apply them with water and a brush. Brushes may be a little more technical to use than the crayons, but allow for more flexibility of designs than the thicker point of the crayons. A little bit of paint goes a long way. If small designs are used, a palette has the capability of doing up to 300 faces.

Lumiere Color Face Paint Palette

If you want to get creative with the colors, another popular choice is the Lumiere color palette which is similar to the Aqua Paint Palette colors, but are pastel and metallic. These are also all removable with soap and water.

Both the Aqua Paint palettes and the Lumiere color palettes have refills available, so if you or your clients have a favorite color, it is easy to keep them on hand to never run out!

Glitz It Makeup Glitter

Opalescent Glitter is also very popular, it picks up the shade of the paint you put it on. All of our glitters are mylar based makeup glitter, safe for the skin instead of craft glitter, which may contain glass.

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