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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Visit Us On Myspace!

Introducing our fabulous new MySpace Page: www.myspace.com/anniescostumes
Please drop by and visit our page with flashy videos and fun costume & Halloween related topics. The site is changing daily as it is updated by Our Super Sophie.

Thanks, Sophie!

Sophie is usually known as "Sophie Super Seller" since she is one of our senior customer service reps and she is great at helping customers with their orders. Since summer is a slow time for the phone, she has been working on Annies Costumes' MySpace page in between the phone calls. So, now that she has totally pimped out our MySpace Page, I have re-named her just plain: Super Sophie!

So, come and check it out, add us to your MySpace Friends list and keep checking back often for new items and special costume deals!

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