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Monday, June 11, 2007

Catherine Zuber Wins Tony for Best Costumes

Tony Award for Costume DesignCongrats to Ms. Catherine Zuber who took home the Tony Award for her beautiful costume designs on The Coast of Utopia. The Coast of Utopia, a play currently running at The Lincoln Center Theater in NY, was written by Tom Stoppard and nominated for 10 Tony Awards. The popular play was awarded 7 Tony awards on Sunday night, including the Tony Award for costume design.
Amy Irving in The Coast of Utopia The Coast of Utopia is actually a trilogy which features 44 actors playing 70 roles, covering three decades of Russian life and history. In the mid-19th century as revolution swept across Europe, a group of Russian intellectuals, journalists, critics, philosophers, poets, and their friends tried to topple the Tsar. Stoppard’s epic follows these men and women over 30 years, as their intertwined lives, passions and dreams drive them in pursuit of perfection. (more)Costumes from The Coast of UtopiaAnd in related entertainment news, articles and blogs is all the buzz about the Soprano's Series Finale and how Tony Soprano "whacked" the Tony Awards. The two shows competed for viewers in the same time slot Sunday night and while final ratings won't be available until Tuesday, it looks like the Tony Awards fell to the lowest ratings until at least 1992. I seriously doubt an HBO show has ever beat a network in ratings - wow that says a lot for the Soprano's Series and its effect on pop culture. Well, it can be said that the two shows each had an ending that affected many people the same way - some were very happy with the ending and some were very upset.
Farewell Tony Soprano, See You on he Big Screen!

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