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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Star Wars Anniversary Costumes Tribute

Celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary with Star Wars Costumes

Hot Star Wars Costumes Make Star Wars 30th Anniversary News
Annies Costumes is in the news this week with our tribute to George Lucas' masterpieces in Sci-Fi movie history. See our full story here.

Star Wars costumes have evolved along side the series of movies over the past 30 years. The pioneering Star Wars costumes were plastic with flimsy plastic masks. As the Star Wars films continued and they built up a larger fan base, the next lines of Star Wars costumes closer to what we see today but they were plain and the tunics or jumpsuits were made with inexpensive polyester fabrics without finished seams. Shortly after, Star Wars costumes were reinvented with screen printed details on the tunics and jumpsuits.

Now, as the George Lucas classic celebrates its 30th Anniversary, hot Star Wars costumes entice Star Wars fanatics everywhere. The fabrics are better quality, more like clothing textiles with finished seams and molded features instead of screen printing. The more prominent Star Wars costumes include latex or vinyl belts, gloves, boot covers, latex or sturdy PVC plastic marks and even light sabers.

"Along with the development of better costumes have come new additions for each movie release in the form of new characters, new sizes and new accessories," said Shari McConahay, Vice President of Annie's Costumes. "We now carry Star Wars costumes for children, adults, babies and even pets. And the masks and accessories help fans get that polished, authentic look of each of the movies."

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