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Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Halloween Costume Preview

Indian Jones Costume

I know that some big Halloween fans may already be thinking and planning for Halloween 2008. It will definitely be a big year for Halloween parties since Leap Year puts Halloween on a Friday this year. We here at Extreme Halloween pretty much have Halloween on the brain all year long. Of course we pay attention and have costumes for every holiday and event, but Halloween is always our main focus.
Hans Solo Costume
Harold (my dad) and I are currently in Las Vegas at buying show put on by the largest costume wholesaler and manufacturer, Rubies Costume Co. Over the next 4 days we will see costumes from several different branches of costume wholesalers owned by Rubies and Rubies new 2008 costume line.
Princess Leia Slave Costume

The most popular Halloween costumes are always driven by movies, TV, pop culture and fashion. Halloween 2008 will be a big year for movie costumes. I can already tell you what some of this year's most popular costumes and top selling Halloween costume themes will be.
The Dark Knight Joker Costume
1. Batman The Dark Knight (July 18, 2008) - Christian Bale returns as Batman in this sequel and getting much attention for his role as The Joker is Heath Ledger. Adults and Children costumes for Batman and The Joker will be very popular this Halloween.
Sexy Amidala Costume
2. Star Wars TV Series "The Clone Wars" (Fall 2008) - There are many Star Wars character costumes that will be coming out from this series, which is set to premiere this fall. Costume styles will be available for this new series as well as new classic Star Wars costumes never before available, like Hans Solo costume for children and adults and the Princess Leia Sexy Slave Costume for adults!
3. World of War Craft (Online Multi-Player Video Game) - This year there will see the debut licensed World of Warcraft Costumes available in adult sizes. Many different characters will be available and have the Blizzard seal of approval.
4. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - (May 22, 2008) - Adult and Child costumes for Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams. This is one of the most anticipated films for Indy fans, since it has been 19 years since the last one.
5. Iron Man (May 2, 2008) - Robert Downey Jr. stars in this blockbuster super hero movie from Marvel Comics.
6. High School Musical 3 (October 24, 2008) The Grease of today's generation is releasing the third movie, which will be the last one to include the original actors. High School Musical costumes will be available for the first movie as well as the second one.
7. Hannah Montana (Disney TV Series) Miley Cyrus is the vivaciously adorable and talented actress, singer and dancer on this fun Disney show that is wildly popular with children of all ages.
8. Speed Racer (May 9, 2008) - There is a Speed Racer live action movie as well as a new animated Speed Racer Next Generation TV series premiering in 2008.
9. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (November 21, 2008) - the 6th installment in this series. With each new Harry Potter movie come new costume designs
10. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (May 16th 2008) - the second installment in this fantasy series based on the classic and amazing books by C.S. Lewis. Disney promises this movie will have more action than the first.
11. Power Rangers (Ongoing Disney TV Series) - These 5 jump-suited super heroes have been fighting evil in the galaxy for the last 16 years in this live action TV series and many straight to video DVD releases over the years.
12. Hell Boy II: the Golden Army (July 11, 2008) The sequel to this comic book series is based in a fantasy underground world and lends itself to some great costumes. The movie is directed by Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman returns to the role of HellBoy.
13. The Incredible Hulk (June 13, 2008) This time Marvel's own production company has taken it upon themselves to re-do The Incredible Hulk movie. Ed Norton will make an awesome Bruce Banner and with the popularity of comic book movies and super hero movies, the timing is right and they can learn from the mistakes of the last Hulk film which did not do as well.

Check out trailers to these great costume movies:

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