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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go Goths, Go!

Goths on The Amazing Race
Unfortunately, the goth couple on The Amazing Race could not catch up last week and were eliminated from the race. I am so sorry to see them go, I was really rooting for them to go all the way to the $million$.

Besides their vibrant colors, they also brought colorful personalities, a special flair, and a great attitude to the show. They represented the Goth community well and showed everyone on Prime Time, that Goths are happy-go-lucky, very nice people with an awesome sense of fashion, design and music too.

So you want to acheive the fabulous Goth look like Kynt and Vyxsin? Visit ExtremeCostumes.com and StageandTheaterMakeup.com- we have what you need for the Goth makeover you've been craving every Sunday night while watching the Amazing Race on CBS.

Check out Manic Panic hair color for that vibrant, shocking pink hair: www.extremecostumes.com/manic.htm - choose the Cotton Candy Pink or Hot Hot Pink for Vyxsin hair*; for Kynt's jet black hair choose Raven. See the Hair Color Chart

For makeup beyond the "everyday" check out Manic Panic's Lust Dust or Bloody Mary's Rebel makeup line. See the list of all of our Extreme Makeup.
Notice their light foundation. This is achieved with foundation colors like Alabaster or Geisha. Choose a light color, but NOT white. White foundation is called "Clown White" for a reason.
And for black nail polish: Check Out Bloody Mary Makeup Line.
*Please note: to get dark hair to a shocking pink color (or any lighter color), pictured results are obtained by first bleaching hair. This can be damaging! Consult your hair care professional for best results.

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