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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee Interview

What would our world be like without Stan Lee and his genius imagination? Marvel is not just the comic company's name, but also a verb describing what a fan like me does while revering his work. It's hard to imagine a world with no Spiderman, no Hulk, no Iron Man, no X-Men, and so many other characters that we have grown up with and love; not to mention hundreds of other super heroes whose creators were inspired by this man's imagination and talent. The costume scene would be pretty baron without these classic characters to dress up as.

So glad that Mahalo Daily recently interviewed Mr. Lee, who answers Marvel Comic fans' questions in this video:

Notice the subtle shot at Superman (a DC Comic Hero with dandruff?)
  • Stan lee's favorite and least favorite cameo appearance?
  • Who would win a battle Hulk vs. Iron Man?
  • Hugh Hefner (The Hef) a secret agent spy man?

EXCELESIOR to Mahalo Daily for a job well done!

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